The Perks of Being Married to a Travel Junkie

A big thanks to Katie from Love Tripping for taking over the blog today in the last Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

When I first met my husband Chris, I knew there would be adventures in our future. He always dreamed big and made everything seem possible. The adventures started small, a road trip here and there, a trip to Cuba. Then one day Chris said he wasn't happy at his job anymore and wanted to do something different. We quit our jobs and took a 6 month tour around Europe and Australia. Fast forward a few years, a few more epic journeys and a few more plans for our future. Chris has helped me see a bigger world and turn dreams into reality. To make this lifestyle possible, we have had to rethink our goals and work harder every day. I have become a stronger and more independent person because of all this.

As I sit here in Costa Rica, on another little adventure of ours, it isn't too hard to think of all the reasons I am glad I married a Travel Junkie.

No Dream is Too Big

Have you ever been watching TV and said to your partner, "man, I would love to go there!". Well, when it comes to Chris, I don't just get a "yah, that would be nice" kind of reply. He takes me up on it. He helps me dream up plans of our next adventure, all the food we will eat, and the places we will visit. The best part is that it's not like dreaming of winning the lottery, we both know we will make it happen. That's how all our adventures start!

Nonexistent Comfort Zone

Being married to a travel junkie has definitely forced me to step outside my comfort zone. When we started dating I was the pickiest eater imaginable and I couldn't really stand being too cold, too hot, too get it! Now I feel stronger, more positive, and more open to trying everything and anything. My taste buds have expanded along with my cultural understanding. Sometimes I am the one egging us on to try new experiences now!

Great Quality Time Together

Going on adventures has allowed for us to spend a ridiculous amount of time together. This has helped us not only appreciate each other more, but appreciate our time away from each other as well. It has become impossible to keep secrets and we have become more connected after each experience we faced.

Money Poor but Experience Rich

A small negative about being married to a travel junkie is that we will forever be money poor. We may never own a house or drive a brand new car or afford fancy clothes. When we planned our first long trip we knew it was a choice between buying a condo or traveling. We made our bed and we continue to make that bed with every trip we take. As a woman, we are almost programmed into wanting all the material goods that come with adulthood and it is a hard fought mental battle sometimes but I know I have something better. Chris and I are now Experience rich. We may not be able to touch all the amazing things we have but it is all around us and inside of us.

For all these things and more, I am so grateful to be married to a Travel Junkie.