The Perks of Being Married to a Statistician

A big thanks to Tayler from The Morrell Tale for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

It is true what they say: opposites attract. I absolutely love history and English, but hate math and science. Well, I married a man whose major was Statistics, minor was Math and has a strong work experience background in IT. But, out of all of those interests, Justin loves statistics the best. As a teacher, I give my husband lectures on the way education is headed, and he'll listen, but add in vehemently how important the language of math is to learn as well. And, being married to Justin for the past three years, my eyes have been opened to the truth that you will use math and statistics in real life.

So, being bad at numbers myself, there are quite a few perks to being married to a statistician.

1) It is a door opener.
There are so many jobs that need statisticians! You could analyze sports as a job. You could be an actuary and work for insurance companies. You could do staistical coding on a computer all day for a company. You could teach. You could be hired by a CEO for public relations. You could be a risk consultant or manager. You could work with databases. And those are just a few jobs that solely use statistics. However, the experience Justin has gotten from his major has allowed him to gain other job experience. Currently, he is an Automation Engineer (programmer that focuses on coding errors and that's still not the best way to explain that job!).

2.) He helps me figure out students' grades.
I expect students to get an 80% on their assignments, and reward them with star stickers (class currency). However, it is hard for me to figure out what 80% of 30 or 45 or 7 or 18 is, depending on how much the assignment was worth. Justin quickly does the math in his head for me, then I just remember the number that equals 80%!

3) Justin is very rational and level-headed.
I think with my heart and wear my emotions on my sleeve. Justin, on the other hand, is very left-brained. He thinks things through. He always creates a pros and cons list (or has me do it). He considers each options and weighs them against one another. This has definitely helped on allof the big decisions we have made as a married couple. I don't know what I would've done without this characteristic of my statistician!

4) He loves playing with numbers and doing research.
Since I have finished my last year of teaching, and I am a little nervous about being a SAHM financially, Justin has created many, many spreadsheets on Excel, plugging away equations and possible outcomes due to different budgets or financial situations. He likes figuring out different code languages or statistical methodologies. Justin will ask questions back to a questioner to find out how they will use the statistics, who is analyzing them, the formulas they are using, what variables they are accounting for, etc. to see if it is biased or fair.

And, just for fun, since Justin and I both love video games...

5) It creates for very strategic gameplay.
Justin's favorite game series is called Fire is all statistically and strategically based. When he or I play RPG's, he loves looking at the character's stats and the different equip-able items or weapons. He helps me make the best decisions to make my characters the strongest. Also, you would never be able to beat him at chess or Stratego, or Rummikub!<center>

Sometimes though, it does get a little annoying:

"That commercial is stupid. 80% of what?"

"Who was polled?"

"They don't give the parameters/"

"This is very ambiguously worded."

"I don't believe that statistic."

"Where and how did they do their research?"

"What theory did they use: Bayesian or Frequentist?"

...and the worst is...

"You know what the chance of that actually happening is?"

when I am having an anxiety attack.

But, I could go on and on about my husband's brain of numbers. I could talk about how he does our budget and money handling. I could talk about how he takes care of insurance because he understands it. I could talk about how he fixes my computer because of his IT and statistical coding background. I could say that I won't have to ever help my children with their math homework because their dad can do it. (Honestly, I'm really excited about that one!)

However, I will say that I am so glad that I married someone who is the opposite of me. Justin has been so helpful and quite the solid rock for me to rely on. And, there is a 100% chance of that being true!