The Perks of Being Married to Mow Joe

Ever since he was a wee lad, Joe has been mowing lawns and making money. The passion that he has for the lawn care business and lawns in general is really impressive but can also seem a little silly at times. I can't even tell you how many times the state of someone's yard is discussed when we go on walks together. And if it's a lawn his company mows that we drive/walk past, he almost always comments, "That is one sexy lawn!" 

I think it pains Joe that our yard needs so much TLC, but I know in the end, I know that it's going to be something that he's extremely proud of and is eager to tell other people about! I already brag about him all the time, and I love to show people the "before" and "in progress" pictures of our yard. One day our yard will be just the way we want it and we will love to show it off, but until then, we tell people to not judge Joe's abilities on the state of our yard because it's a major work in progress.

^^ Our lawn's first cutting of the year, it took their crew 9 hours ^^


Our yard will always look awesome, well, it will once we get it under control. Joe has learned some pretty handy beautification skills, he mows in perfectly straight lines and his edging is "sexy"" as he calls it.

I will never have to mow because Joe likes it so much! I'm sure he'd let me know if I wanted to, but it's intimidating to mow for someone who is so particular about how lawns are mowed.

He has comfortable t-shirts for me to wear and I am more than willing to wear them when I'm running errands on Saturdays and after I get home every night. Free advertising!! People always comment on them, and I get to tell them about Mow Joe.

People know who he is. I can't tell you how many times people meet him and say, "Are you THE Mow Joe?" I think he picked the perfect name for his company!

^^ The tallest, deadest tree in our yard, gone. We took out a total of 16 trees and still have 4 or 5 to go. ^^


He's anti-trees and flower beds. If we could have a yard that was just grass and nothing else, he'd be perfectly content. It's made for a lot of compromising in our new house. My mom's flower bed are full of green and colors spring through fall so it's hard to imagine a yard without flowers.

He gets stupid injuries. Blisters, scratches, sunburns, etc. On Wednesday, after he cut down those trees above, he got a really silly injury, more on that below.

During mowing season, Joe and I rarely see each other. His day off at his full time job is spent on projects and mowing people's lawns. He works longer hours on his day off than he does any other day of the week. I know how much he loves mowing season, but toward the end, I get so excited to spend my day off with my husband again.

^^ This picture cracks me up, every time ^^

Last Wednesday was extremely eventful. Joe spent all day on the lift, chopping down trees with a chainsaw. He said it was the scariest day of his life and that the adrenaline rushes were crazy. We were all glad when the job was done with no injuries. We still ended up in the ER that day because he stabbed his hand with scissors while he was trying to open a package of needle nose pliers. He was taking the garbage out and wanted to take apart our old toilets and throw them in the can, but he needed the pliers to take them apart. Those zip tie things that hold them into the package are a beast and they fought back. Unfortunately, he hit an artery, so he definitely needed stitches. Two stitches later and a lot of laughing about the irony of the whole situation, Joe is feeling a lot better. 

Are any of you married to a man who does lawn care? What do you think are the perks?