The Perks of Being Married to a Mechanic

I'm excited to have Bethany on the blog today as my first contributor to The Perks of Being Married to My Spouse Series. She is one of the first people who I told about this series and my idea for having other wives contribute so I thought it only fitting that she be the first to share some unique perks of being married to her husband Josh!

I grew up in a car family. As in, my dad was a car auctioneer and experienced dabbler, my brother was a mechanic, and my other brother was a serious enthusiast. While you might think that their car knowledge would have rubbed off on me in the eighteen years I spent living above the noisy garage, going to car shows, and selling car parts at swap meets, it was actually quite the opposite. While I could name off the muscle cars you see on the street, I do not know how to change a tire or check my oil. It seems the men in my family were not much into teaching but rather rolling their eyes at me and taking care of the problems themselves.

So moving away from home and having to handle car problems on my own was a bit scary and there were many a call to dad to ask "What's that sound?" and "What does that flashing light mean?"

And then the calls ceased and the problems were all solved when I married a car guy. Josh took auto classes all through high school then took the natural step of studying automotive technology in college. When we got married, he had been a licensed technician and mechanic for nearly two years and continued on in the field for another two. In his free time, he shops for "project cars" and parts and dabbles on our own cars. Of course my dad now loves my car guy husband more than his own daughter, but oh how the perks added up...

All road trip car emergencies were fixed.
It might be that since Josh is a mechanic, we've been cursed to have every sort of car problem while on road trips. Amongst many other issues we've had the muffler fall off, the air conditioning break. Each time he pulled out his giant tool bag from the trunk and assessed and fixed the situations himself. And we were back on our merry way!

No getting gypped by the mechanic.
We all know how those dirty mechanics can be, charging you up the wazoo for problems that don't exist. Thankfully Josh has been able to do most of our repairs himself and on the rare occasions that he hasn't been able to, he's known exactly what the problems are and how much it will cost to fix them.

And just so we're clear, Josh is not one of those dirty mechanics, hence why he never made the big bucks.

Buying and selling cars is significantly easier.
I can't imagine if I had to buy or sell my own cars. "Um... it looks nice? And it sounds like it's working fine?" With Josh, we are able to buy uber cheap used cars because he knows what to look for and how to fix problem areas and will have them running perfectly in no time. He also knows exactly what cars are worth and how much those "cheap and easy fixes" people regularly mention when selling cars are ACTUALLY going to cost. I've never had to worry about it and I've always been happy with our cars.

I still don't know how to change my oil or tires.
Maybe this falls under "downfalls" but I'm pretty grateful that I've never had to get my hands dirty and learn these things. I like that I can totally ignore those issues and focus on problems I'm better at fixing, like making dinner or designing our Christmas cards. One day I might regret not having Josh teach me, but for now I'm happy.

And sure, Josh being a mechanic had its downfalls. He was on his feet and bending over backwards under cars all day which gave his body lots of problems. The people he worked with and then environment he was in wasn't exactly uplifting and he never really felt comfortable hanging out with most of his coworkers after hours. In all his time working as a mechanic, I'm fairly certain our wedding weekend was the only time he didn't have grease under his nails. And let's not talk about how mere acquaintances and long-lost friends will come out of the woodwork to ask for time-consuming car favors.

And as much as mechanics are known for stealing all of your money, they don't make much at all. He was paid on a funky commission based deal and if cars weren't coming in, we were going to have a tough time getting by.

So thankfully Josh has had the opportunity to move on to a different career, but all his mechanic knowledge has stuck with him and probably always will. Once a mechanic always a mechanic, right? At least that's what me and all of our friends and relatives think when any car problems come up...