The Perks of Being Married to an IT Guy

I'm excited to introduce you the next contributor in The Perks of Being Married to My Spouse series, Sharlee from My New Lines! I've been following Sharlee's blog for as long as I can remember and I love every single one of her posts so I'm really excited to have her here on the blog sharing a little about the benefits she enjoys being married to a man with her husband's skill set! P.S. Sharlee wrote an awesome guest post on my blog a while back, check out What Is Marriage, Really? after you finish this post, it's one of the most inspiring posts I've ever read!

When I met Zach, he was enrolled in school for an associates degree in computer science. I remember thinking, "A bit nerdy, but probably decent money and available jobs." As I got to know him even more, I did learn that he's quite nerdy, but he doesn't fit the whole stereotype and it's actually kind of cool (and sometimes annoying). His head is filled with random trivia, he loves to problem solve (with zero sense of urgency might I add), and he loves super heroes and fantasy books. He also enjoys watching soccer, talking/studying/arguing politics, shooting guns, going to church, camping, traveling, playing with his daughter and so much more. Zach's Bachelors degree is in systems security...the problem-solver in him has big dreams for one pretending to be a hacker.

I think a lot of people might think that IT work might be boring, or mean my husband is glued to a computer at all times, or that he's a bit socially off. Those things aren't actually a hundred percent true (although I used to ask him to talk about work to me so I could fall asleep at night when I had a bout of insomnia that lasted for months). Being married to an IT guy is actually pretty cool.

Someone to Fix All the Computer Things

"Zach, something's not working right on my computer!" When I was single, I was pretty good at troubleshooting my computer problems via Google (to a point of course). I've gotten so lazy, but it's nice. Whenever something is wrong, I basically just hand the computer over to him--it could be the smallest problem, but I would rather him deal with it than me. He occasionally gives me some help when it comes to blogging and it's nice to have someone who understands things beyond the surface level. (My computer knowledge=surface level).

It's also nice that he can help other people out. He has been asked to help neighbors, friends and family out with their computer problems and he usually enjoys it (if he has the time to do it) and he likes being asked (it goes back to that whole problem-solving thing). It's nice to have that as a talent to share and bless others with as well. I love when people call me and ask, "Do you think Zach could look at my computer..." because I already know that he will and I know that it helps someone else--and yes, I'll just admit it: I love that my husband is smart.

Saves Money

Not only can we fix many of our own computer problems, which saves us money, but Zach knows what is and isn't worth the cost in the tech world. Since this isn't my blog, I won't name names, but there is a tech company that we don't ever give our money to. Zach knows enough about technology to know whether or not it's truly worth the cost and why. He knows where we need to spend more and where we need to spend less. He built our desktop computer himself so he was able to buy the parts and pieces separately and save a lot of money without compromising quality.

Remote Work

With tech jobs, there's often options to work from home. Zach doesn't work from home full-time right now, but he is able to work from home occasionally. He works from home on Fridays, usually during holidays weeks, and has even stayed home to avoid driving in the snow once. It's a nice option for our family and has been a bit of a relief knowing that the flexibility is there and that there's potential for even greater flexibility in the future.

There are of course a few downfalls--the job security can be scary. Outsourcing tech jobs happens like crazy, but there are always new jobs here to find. Zach is in a good place right now and we are very grateful for that. The hours can be brutal at times too. I wouldn't have thought that initially, but computer systems run 24/7 and someone has to make sure things are working right and the problems can't wait until morning. In his last job, Zach actually worked the night shift for two years and that was hard. When he finally moved to days, he was putting in a ton of overtime (which was nice, but still hard). He now works a pretty sweet 9-5 job and we love that it gives him more time at home with us as a family. He is still on an on call rotation and he will get calls in the middle of the night or on weekends and he needs to be near a computer so that he can deal with the problem right away. All in all though, it definitely is worth it.

I love my IT guy! What do you think you would enjoy most about being married to a computer guy?