The Perks of Being Married to a Green Grocer

A big thanks to Whitney from Work it Mommy for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

Brian and I just celebrated our 7 year anniversary on October 11th, thank you Amberly for having me dote on my hubby and extend our festivities a bit longer.

Brian has been working at our local Whole Foods Market since June of 2006 and it has been in the last year that he has switched departments and now works in Produce. The English call produce workers "Green Grocers" and I love that term! So descriptive. Here are my favorite perks of being married to my produce worker!

A Healthy and Varied Diet

This has got to be my favorite perk, hands down. Having fresh, rip produce on our table is a blessing. Having our two daughters eat and enjoy fruits and vegetables does my heart good. Now I can't claim that we get all of the daily serving suggestions, but we are pretty close, just having fresh produce available makes it easier to consume more. We also try to eat seasonally fresh produce which helps reduce gas emissions from trucking out-of-season produce across the country and it tastes better too!

Master Produce Picker

Brian is the best at picking out produce. He can pick out a ripe melon like no one's business, because it IS his business (he says to give it a thump and it should sound hollow.) His pears and avocados are always ready to eat and our tomatoes are never wrinkly, which is a sign of degradation. Bananas are purchased while the stems are still green and don't linger around with brown spots otherwise no one will eat them but me. Maybe having a great produce picker has turned some of us picky.

Introduction to New Produce

Brian is always introducing us to new fruits and vegetables, to our delight. Some new favorites include Blue Moon strawberries (small but so sweet!), Sumo oranges (a huge orange that's sweet and juicy), Finger limes (long and thin limes that you squeeze to eat), purple cauliflower (tastes the same as white but the color is gorgeous) and Cotton Candy grapes (taste exactly as the name suggests!) If you ever come across any of these, buy them! You can thank me later.

There are trivial things that I could say are negatives, like not having a set schedule, but I really can't complain because Brian's job provides me the ultimate luxury of being able to stay home with our girls. And for that, I will always be thankful.

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