The Perks of Being Married to a Dietary Aide

A big thanks to Ashley from Keeping Up with Ashley and Cody for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

My lovely husband and I have been together for 6 years. Ever since I have been with him, he has had a passion for cooking and trying new foods. When we were finally ready to move out on our own and just before our wedding last year, Cody started a new journey in his career choice. He applied at Santiam Hospital as a Dietary Aide. Most people ask what a dietary aide does on a daily basis. To answer this question I went straight to the source, Cody!

A Dietary Aide does a mixture of different tasks including, but not limited to, stocking freight, cooking, managing patient diets (making sure they are eating a balanced meal according to their needs while also eliminating foods they cannot have), and catering. While he does all this, Cody has to be on top of time because the deadlines involved in his day to day tasks. Now that you have a sense of what the job he does on a daily basis, I can now list the perks.

His job cultivates his creativity, which I notice at home. I can walk in after work and he will be whipping something up in the kitchen that smells and looks amazing. Just last month we had food that needed to be eaten, like tomatoes and peppers, but we didn't have ingredients to make anything familiar to us. That didn't stop Cody because he went to work making something with his taste and knowledge of food and spices. He ended up making a delicious chunky salsa over chicken and rice with a mixture of ingredients and spices.

Not only does he get creative, but he is very curious with foods. He is always on the look out for foods he hasn't heard of or eaten. He loves to watch cooking shows, which spring the curiosity of foods. We have tried many foods, but especially in the seafood category. We love fish, so we are always trying new species. One food we were a little nervous about trying was tuna, but Cody did an amazing job researching how to cook it and it turned out amazing. We now eat tuna on a regular basis.

We have many late nights throughout the year because of our jobs and schedules. Luckily Cody brings home dinner already made and it is healthier than McDonald's on a late night. This solves the problem of cooking at 8:30 or 9 pm.

Yes, all jobs have their cons, but Cody's job is amazing to us with the benefits. I married a man who loves to cook which helps me a ton because I truly am not good at cooking.