The Perks of Being Married to an Aspiring Film Maker

A big thanks to Courtney from A + Life for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post! 

When my husband, Jim, and I first started talking, one of those early conversations that came up was "what is your dream job". You know, the thing that you have always wanted to do, known you were called to do, and just feel downright passionate about! For me, that has always been a stay at home mom and teacher (and since we just started homeschooling our daughter this fall, consider dream achieved!). For him, it is to be a successful film maker.

Ever since he was in high school, he has been the go to guy for slideshows, short films, wedding videos, graduation videos and the like. He is the guy with the up to date filming and editing equipment and the eye for creative expression.

Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for me!) he chose to have a family (that'd be me) and a regular 9-5 job to support us instead of racing off to Hollywood to pursue his big movie making dreams.

Thankfully, God has provided an amazing outlet for him in the meantime, while we're in this season of working, raising babies, and paying bills. He has made a friend in a wonderful co-worker whos hares the exact same passion and vision for film making and over the last 7 years they have create a production company together, competed in multiple film festivals, created many a hilarious short, built a youtube page, and have incredible vision and passion for what they want to achieve....someday.

So in the meantime, what are some of the perks to being married to an aspiring movie maker?

There is Always a Prop When You Need One

Medieval weaponry? Wigs? Facial hair? Lighting? Fog machine? Green Screen?

You name it, we've probably got it in our garage or attic.

I Get to Hone My Acting Skills

Jim is the bubbly, happy, charismatic one in our partnership. Me? I'm the serious, sarcastic, and dead pan one. But since I'm the only female available around for last minute filming purposes, I have now starred in 3 of his movies. Since I don't want to embarrass him (....or myself....) I get to work really hard at being good at something that I don't have a natural inclination towards. And growing and reaching beyond your comfort zone is always a good thing, right?

He Makes Awesome Birthday Videos for my Babies

Watch this 2nd birthday video of Abigail and cry with me.

He Understands the Hard Work That is the Creative Process and Supports Me Too!

If there has ever been a #1 A + Life mega fan and cheerleader, it is my husband. He understands the time, effort, and vulnerability that comes from creating and sharing your work to the general public. He always supports me in my creative ventures and every once in a while (like this!) we get a chance to sync up our creative outlets. How fun is that?!

If you want to see more of his work, be sure to check out his youtube page.