The Perks of Being Married to a Motivational Speaker

A big thanks to Chelsea from The New Wifestyle for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

my husband, ryan avery, has been a full-time motivational speaker and communication trainer for the past 2+ years! this was not something that he planned on nor studied in school (wait, i don't think you can study motivational speaking at a university)! since the moment i met him 8 years ago, he has been supremely optimistic and is gifted with being a natural motivator and inspirer of others.

this career change from doing marketing at a non-profit occurred when he won the 'world championship of public speaking' (trust me, it's a real thing. in fact, 30,000 people enter the competition from 120+ countries each year!) he won this and became the youngest world champion in history in 2012! it has changed our lives and set him on a unique and rare career path but it is truly a perfect fit for him!

you get a built in motivator

it's true, i get a built in motivator and it is pretty awesome (unless it's before 7am or i haven't eaten). his mind works so differently than mine - i'm a planner and he's a dreamer so he really helps to get me out of my own head and is a constant encourager. sometimes self-doubt and anxiety can get the best of me but he knows the skills to get me out of that rough place. he has encouraged me so much with my own blog and the vision i have for it as well as helped me get comfortable with finding my own unique passion in the world. with his encouragement and me building up my confidence, i have stepped out on that stage with him a few times and i know for a fact i wouldn't be able to do that without his skills, love and encouragement!

he is changing lives

when you think 'motivational speaker' you may have in your mind an image of SNL chris farley as matt foley in "down by the river," which is admittedly hilarious but thankfully not accurate. my husband is all about sharing tangible strategies and techniques that people can implement immediately to start improving their communication and doing big things with their lives. because he doesn't come from a place of fluff, he is constantly receiving emails, letters and notes from people who have seen him speak about how much what he says has transformed their lives. i have a big fat grin on my face writing that sentence because it makes me immensely proud of the hard work he puts into his speeches to help people make a positive impace on their lives and the world.

he is living his dream

my husband was raised by entrepreneurial parents so being his own boss has always been a goal of his. it is truly inspiring to see someone not only have a big dream to do something but then to make it happen, and that is exactly what he is doing. it is much more pleasant to be around someone who is loving the life they are creating!

travel and freedom

ryan gets to speak in some pretty amazing places! Some of my favorite places we've been are to austrailia, china, mexico and russia (photo below)! we do work together in our communication consulting business so i'm often along for the more exciting trips but it is usually him on stage doing the keynote. we love to travel so this is definitely a perk because companies and organizations are located...everywhere! he also has lots of freedom in his schedule so since i work from home as does he, we spend most of our time together. it's pretty grand (though it did take some getting used to and still does!)

like most things in life, there are pros and cons to the world of motivational speaking. one of the tricky parts is that travel can get to be exhausting. he is also doing more trainings with companies so i'm not traveling as much as he is. i do miss him when he's on the road and i'm not with him. this is when i'm especially grateful for technology.

there are some "interesting fans". generally the people he interacts with are kind, positive and know healthy boundaries but there have been a few instances when people may seek out his information and get a little cray-cray with phone calls, emails, texts or mailing things to us. sometimes he even gets hit on but thankfully we have a solid relationship and work hard on our marriage so we can laugh at this!

i think there is an expectation when you hold a title like 'world champion of public speaking' and 'motivational speaker' that you always have to be perfectly poised on stage and never have a bad day. even though he is a motivational speaker, he is also a human being that experiences the highs and lows of life too. this pressure can sometimes get to him because he feels like he has to keep it together all the time. it is also a rollercoaster of an industry so consistent income is a thing of the past. this takes extra hustle and planning to make those dollars stretch and use them wisely since we don't rely on a consistent paycheck.

i never thought id' be married to a motivational speaker but i sure wouldn't have it any other way! as he always says...dream BIG!