Date Night Movies that You'll Both Enjoy!

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I love movie night as much as the next person, especially for date night. Curling up on the couch together with your favorite take out, movie snacks and a good movie can be a relaxing date night! They always say that your first date should never be to a movie because it doesn't provide the best environment for getting to know each other. Because of the limited opportunity for deep connection, it makes sense to me to say that even after you're married, you should avoid making every date night a movie night. That being said, when you do choose to watch a movie together or pick that for your date night activity, I have a few ideas for how you can make those dates benefit your marriage relationship a little bit more.

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Couple eating popcorn and watching a movie for date night

5 Tips to Make Movie Date Nights More Meaningful

Make a movie treat together

Whether you're watching a movie at home, going to the drive-in or sneaking your own snacks into the theater, making something together before the show can be a lot of fun! Maybe you have a favorite popcorn recipe (we love peanut butter popcorn with mini peanut butter cups added in) or maybe you prefer a sweet and salty snack mix, a frozen treat, nachos, etc. Don't just swing by the store and pick something up that's already made and conveniently packaged. Plan for extra time before you start your movie and put your snack together while you enjoy a little quality conversation and bonding time.

Create a change of scenery

If you always curl up in your bed together to watch Netflix, sit on the couch in another room to watch your movie instead. You may choose to watch your movie at a different theater than normal or try the drive-in. For some fun at home, bring your mattress out in front of the TV, enjoy your show together and then have a little sleepover in that same room. It could be fun to blow up an air mattress and take your laptop to the backyard to watch your show after it gets dark. You could also pile a bunch of pillow and blankets into the back of a truck and find a secluded place in the mountains or a nearby field to watch the movie!

Watch one of your favorites

This could mean watching a movie that you've both seen and know that you love but it could also mean watching each others' favorite movies. I had never seen Joe's favorite movie until a few years into our marriage and I still remember the night that we finally stopped saying, "We should watch it sometime" and actually pulled it out and watched it. He pointed out all of his favorite parts and loved being able to reference it in the future and have me know what he was talking about. We also have a couple of favorite shows that we watch together as a couple. We've seen them all at least twice and love pointing out things that we'd never noticed before or being able to talk about the movie without feeling like we're missing anything.

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Watch the special features and deleted scenes

This idea came to me a couple of weeks ago when one of my Facebook memories was a video of my friends and I singing along to the karaoke videos that are part of the special features on The Wedding Singer. You obviously can't do this if you get your movie from Redbox or are in a theater, but there are plenty of other opportunities to pull out the special features. After you've finished the show, see what that extra disc has to offer. Some might have karaoke videos you can have fun with or games you can play. All movies will most likely have deleted scenes that you can watch and discuss whether or not you think they should have been included or if it was good that they were cut.

Go to dinner first or enjoy dessert afterward

Make your date night about more than the movie! Get take out and have a picnic at a local park, in your backyard or on the floor of your living room before you start the show. After the show is over, go out for ice cream or to your one of your favorite restaurants just to eat dessert. This will give you a chance to talk and connect in addition to enjoying the movie together.

Couple eating popcorn

The first couple years of our marriage, our obstacle was always what we should watch. I prefer romantic comedies and Joe prefers action or the type of comedy that you find in movies like Happy Gilmore. Now, rather than suffering through each other's movie choice, we've found movies that we both enjoy. If you're one of those couples who sometimes struggles to find something that you'll both have fun watching, I hope you'll find something on this list that you both like!

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Selection of movies perfect for date night.

15+ Movies that You'll Enjoy Watching for Date Night

Red 1 & 2 - These two movies are probably our absolute favorites to watch. I don't remember how we discovered the first movie, but it was an instant hit with us! These movies don't get enough credit, and they are PERFECT for date night! Both of them have a good combination of comedy, action and romance. The second movie has all sorts of inside jokes that refer to the first movie and I honestly couldn't pick a favorite out of the two of them. We haven't watched them in a year so I think we'll be adding them to our date night agenda soon!

Marvel Comics - These movies are a bit more action than I know some people prefer, but I really love them. The Ironman trilogy is probably my favorite out of all of the movies. Charlene from Enduring All Things shared a fun date idea last year when she and her husband, Pearson, had a Marvel marathon in anticipation of the next movie release. There's a new Marvel movie coming out this spring and I'm thinking that a movie marathon (probably drawn out over a few weeks) might be perfect for relaxing together after I graduate.

The Princess Bride - You can't get anymore classic than this movie. Great lines to quote, humor, action, and romance. Perfect for date night!

Passengers - This movie is one of my favorites. It's a unique story and a good sci-fi movie with some romance.

Harry Potter Series - When Joe and I first started hanging out, he had never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. (He's also to this day only read a couple of the books, so we probably need to go on some long road trips and listen to the audio books.) In the first month of our relationship, we watched all of the Harry Potter movies. (Was the last one out in 2010, maybe we watched that in theaters later? I can't remember...) A couple of years later, I bought him the boxed set for Christmas. It is my goal to create a tradition surrounding the anniversary of when we started dating where we have a month long marathon and watch them all again. Each year I have the best intentions to start this tradition, maybe this year will be the year that it actually happens.

DVDs with popcorn

Hitch - This movie is a classic one! Is there anyone out there who hasn't referenced the 90/10 at some point in their life? When Joe kissed me for the first time, I kept thinking that he may be trying that trick, but he says that he was just teasing me. Favorite part of this movie? The inhaler throw down!

50 First Dates - Ok, so this one is more of a chick flick, but it has Adam Sandler and a lot of quirky humor so I feel like it's one that Joe and I both enjoy. We haven't watched it a lot, but it's a good one.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - This is a movie that Joe isn't necessarily a fan of, but I've had multiple guys tell me that it's one of the only chick flicks that they will watch. Maybe your husband will like it!

The Proposal - This movie hasn't been around long enough for me to maybe call it a classic, but I'm going to call it one anyway. It's another movie that Joe isn't a fan of but that multiple guys have told me they really enjoy. I personally think Joe predetermined that because it was a "chick flick", he wasn't going to like it. ;) It's next on my list to watch when I have some free time of my own!

Date Night - I'm sure this movie will be even more funny as our family grows and date night becomes a bigger deal to us each week when it gets harder to find alone time as a couple. Tina Fey and Steve Carell are hilarious as always and we laugh through the entire movie! I also like that the premise is based on a couple realizing that their marriage is stagnant so they decide to do something out of the ordinary to make it better.

Mr & Mrs. Smith - This movie would be fun accompanied by a romantic dinner and a nerf gun fight.

Movies and popcorn

If you're looking for even more date night movies, you need to check out this Year of Movie Date Nights Kit from The Dating Divas. The kit includes romantic and funny activities, sexy ideas, a few treats and a big list of movie titles to help make movie-picking easier. Each of the dates are based on a specific genre, so you'll see a variety of films to fit both of your tastes. You can use this kit over and over again each year, watching a different movie each time. We're excited to incorporate this kit into our date night routine!

What movies do you enjoy watching as a couple that aren't on this list? I'd love to hear your favorites, even if they're one of the types of movies that I said Joe and I can't watch together!

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