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Have you sat down and recorded your story for yourselves, your children and posterity? In this post from earlier this week, I talked about how I really love to look back on our love story and all of the things that we did in the early stages of our relationships. Remembering those feelings that I felt and why I fell in love with Joe in the first place is fun, but it also helps me to refocus on the things that really matter in our relationship.

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I love to hear about how other people met, the funny and sometimes awkward moments that happened while they were dating and falling in love and of course, their proposal. Our story has its own fair share of awkward and embarrassing moments and things that I don’t ever want to forget. Each year on our anniversary, I want to look back on our entire story, not just our wedding day. When our kids get older, I want to have a fun way to share how our family started with them. And when we’re old, I know we’ll love looking back on the younger version of ourselves and remembering the good old days.

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This at home date night activity could be a one time thing, happen once a month so you can keep things updated and journal as life unfolds, happen every so often until you’ve finished recording your story or it could be incorporated into your anniversary celebration each year. Here are four fun and unique ways to record your story together and strengthen your marriage and family relationships.

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Four Ways to Record Your Love Story

Purchase a love story journal from Promptly Journals

This is by far my favorite way to record our love story! Promptly Journals has put together a gorgeous, high quality book filled with prompts to help you record your love story from the moment you met until the end of your life together. Joe thinks it's a little weird to think about our last kiss and our relationship ending because one of us passes away, but I think it's a really cool idea! So often we focus on the beginning of a couple's relationship but rarely consider how their love grows and evolves throughout their lifetime.

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Taking time to focus on and record the challenges, accomplishmets, adventures and tough times that you experience together each year you are together can be so beneficial! Not only is it great to look back on and remember the lessons that you've learned together, but your family will love having that record of the good and not so good times in your lives for years to come. It gives them more of an example to follow and inspiration to keep going even when life gets hard! Click here to purchase yours or check out their website for more color options.

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Put together a photo album with journal entries and stories

I love to take pictures so we have a lot of different pictures from the last eight years of our relationship. Each year around our anniversary, I like to compile the pictures we’ve taken into a photo album and include details about vacations, house projects, fun date nights and other moments our family has experienced. My goal for this next year is to take what I’ve put together online and put it into a book for each year of our marriage. I plan on using Project Life from Becky Higgins to do it and can’t wait to have a yearbook of sorts for each year of our family’s history.

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Record your story and make it into a video

This is on my date night bucket list currently and is something that I want to sit down and do together gradually. From the time I first noticed Joe, to the time we got married and every moment in between. I want to share our story in an interview type setting, asking each other questions and capturing our individual perspectives and reactions to the different events that have taken place. I know that this video record will be something that we treasure forever and that our kids and grandkids will enjoy for years to come. Seeing our faces and hearing our voices as we tell the story will add so much more meaning to our story.

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Share your story with your kids

Our toddlers love to pull out photo albums and look through them with us. Sometimes we tell them the story behind different pictures and other times we let them ask questions. This is a great family date night activity and could be a fun way to celebrate your family’s birthday (your anniversary) and involve the kids. You could watch your wedding video, the recording you’ve made of your story, look through the photo album from your wedding day or scroll through the photos you have saved on your computer.

When we were younger, we did something similar with our parents every once in a while for family night. They’d pull out slides from their honeymoon or we’d watch family home videos. Every time we did, I learned more about my parents, our family and why we do things the way that we do them.

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There are so many different ways out there to record your story and share it with those you love. I hope you’ll use these ones to change up your at home date night routine and find a fun way to share your story with each other, your kids and your posterity! I’ve been surprised by how many new things I learn about Joe’s thoughts and feelings during different moments in our story the more that we talk about things. I promise this is a date night that you’ll enjoy and learn from for years to come!

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Have you recorded your love story to look back on and to share with your kids and grandkids?