Welcome to Married Life - It's 2017

If you read my last Welcome to Married Life post, I have an update for you. I purchased Eggos for Joe and while I still feel like they are different than waffles, they are delicious! I almost feel like they're a more pastry like feel than the waffles that I make though, they're crispy and airy and so perfectly yummy! They became a staple in our household because they're quick, easy and I know that everyone will eat them.

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Welcome to Married Life - Fall and The Holidays

All day one day in September, Bensen was making noises that sounded like he was beat boxing. I posted it on Snapchat a lot because I was so entertained and then told Joe about it when he got home. It turns out, he was actually chanting. What was he chanting? "Bensen, Bensen, Bensen" in a whispered voice. Joe taught him to chant his own name.... Now he chants his name as he goes down the stairs and randomly throughout the day.

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Welcome to Married Life - Summer

The last few months since graduation, things have been crazy and fun! We've been busy spending time together as a family, working on house projects and preparing for the birth of our new little one. I didn't think she'd be here quite this soon (more details coming Friday), but it's been a great way to end our summer! I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year has in store.

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Welcome to Married Life - Beginning of 2016/Senior Semester

I love writing these posts because it not only gives you a glimpse at our quirky personalities, but it's also fun for me to look back on. Last year I was posting this conversations once a month, but moving forward, I decided that I'll post them every four months or so. This post covers everything through our craziest semester yet. There probably aren't quite as many conversations as normal because Joe and I rarely saw each other, but these are still pretty fun!

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Welcome to Married Life - July Edition

Our best moment this month happened just this week. I was getting ready for work one morning and Joe was still in bed, but awake on his phone. He made some random, passive comment about me screaming, and then said, "You don't remember waking up in the middle of the night?" All day long he would not let this middle of the night drama go. He'd ask me about it on the phone, randomly send texts to me about it and he brought it up again at the end of the day twice.

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An Interview About Marriage

It's National Marriage Week, so I thought maybe I'd talk about marriage... like I'd talk about anything else, right?! ;) We were asked to answer some questions about our marriage for Joe's brother's school assignment and I thought they would be perfect to share here on the blog! It's convenient because I didn't have to torture Joe for an "interview", I just had to convince him to forward his responses to me. My brother-in-law said that his favorite part was how Joe responds in short, incomplete sentences and I go on for two or three. I loved that some of our responses were pretty similar but for different reasons.

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It's the Little Things He Does

Big romantic gestures are not Joe's forte and I sometimes find myself wishing they were. But lately, I really notice the little things he does. He is more practical than romantic, and that is something that I have started to enjoy and appreciate.

married life

He doesn't send me flowers, but he gets excited when he buys something that we've needed or been saving to buy. I always get a text saying something like, "I bought you something!" and he is legitimately excited to show me what he got.

I know he'll never cook dinner or prepare a romantic meal, but he takes me to my favorite restaurants, and doesn't mind if I don't feel like cooking some days. We have our romantic meals at fun restaurants and I'm ok with that.

When I ask him to plan a fun date night, he usually just ends up asking me what I want to do when we're in the car on our way out for the night. But every once and a while he asks me on a date to spend some quality time cleaning the apartment, doing the dishes, going for a walk or watching our favorite TV show.

Joe is his own kind of romantic and I'm ok with that!

Photography by Emily-Jane

Does your husband make small romantic gestures?

How I Know My Husband Loves Me - Welcome to Married Life

When talking about a friend and her new fiance the other day, I told someone, "He adores her, he would do anything for her!" After our trip to San Francisco and the somewhat stressful move that we just made, I realized that my husband feels the exact same way about me and I shouldn't forget that! Sometimes less than thrilled about the things I ask him to do or the activities that I plan for date night, but he loves me and would do anything it takes to make me happy!

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Welcome to Married Life - Where We Collect Vacuums

With all of the craziness that has come with our spontaneous move and the fact that we move the day after we get home from a vacation to my favorite city in the world (so far), saying that I have been a stressed out mess would be a little bit of an understatement. My poor husband has already suffered through one tiny meltdown and he responded well, by bringing home a bag of my favorite chocolate! I've learned that as much as I love cleaning and decluttering, I am really good at avoiding everything packing.

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