Why You Should Continue to Purchase Lingerie in Every Stage of Marriage

If you think that owning lingerie is pointless (it’s only on for a few seconds after all, right?) or not something that you should buy until you’ve reached a certain weight loss goal or stop having kids, think again. No matter what your excuse is, I will tell you that you should buy lingerie that fits you and that you love in your current stage of life. The biggest reason people tell me they don’t buy new lingerie is that they don’t feel like they’d get much use out of it. The joke is that ‘it’s only on for 15 seconds anyway!’ I’ve seen a few people’s eyes pop out of their heads when they find out how many pieces of lingerie I’ve purchased in so short a time frame. And then they ask me if I wear it that often. I wanted to share a few ways you can get more wear out of your lingerie purchase. Lingerie doesn’t have to be just for the bedroom! Look for opportunities to wear it on a more regular basis not only for your spouse, but for yourself.

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