Wives to Watch in Every Stage of Life - Amy of Freshly Married

The Wives to Watch in Every Stage of Life series is one that I've been really excited about for a while! Each stage of life looks different and brings unique challenges to every couple. My hope is that you will be inspired by the stories of the women featured in this series. I hope that their experiences will help you find more ways to make your marriage relationship a priority throughout every stage of your own life.

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How Understanding The Color Code Can Benefit Your Marriage

Do you and your spouse ever have disagreements? Probably not, right? ;) But if you are one of the few people who has ever disagreed with their spouse, it may be because of personality differences. It can be hard to understand people who don’t think like us, but we’re here to provide you will a valuable tool that can strengthen your marriage by strengthening your understanding of your spouse’s personality. Are you intrigued? :) +

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Living My Wedding Vows in the Everyday

Our vows:

Will you give yourself to your spouse to be her spouse: to love, comfort, honour and protect, and forsaking all others, to be faithful so long as you both shall live? I take you to be my spouse, to have and to hold, from this day forward; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish for the rest of our lives. This is my solemn vow.

Even after being together for 13 years, exchanging our vows in front of our favourite people changed something in our relationship for the better.

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9 Practical Tips to Help You Put Your Husband First

What is the mantra of "putting your husband first' supposed to look like when you, as a wife and mama, are in the thick of dirty diapers, temper tantrums, loads and loads of laundry, cooking duties, cleaning schedules, and the like? Here are a few practical tips which I hope will help to paint a picture for you of what this could look like in your own home, and how you can express, in a tangible, visible way, that your husband comes first on your list of importance and priority (second only to God, of course!).

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6 Things That Newlyweds Should Do to Strengthen Their Marriage

Being a newlywed is exciting. The memory of your wedding is still fresh in your mind, you've most likely just got back from honeymoon, and your married life stretches out ahead of you.

While you can definitely coast on the joy and fun of your wedding for a while, the newlywed period is also prime time for strengthening your marriage. If you get into good habits now, your marriage will start off on the right foot and you'll be building in strength from day one. If you're a newlywed, here are some ideas to keep your marriage strong.

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Three Ways Children Change Your Marriage

When I was first married someone told me that once my husband and I had children we wouldn’t be as close to one another because our kids would be more important than our marriage. I thought this was a weird thing to say to a newly married couple, but I put it out of my head until after we had children. After the birth of my son, two years ago, I remembered what that person had said to us and I really thought about if it was true and I realized our children have changed our marriage but not always in the ways that I thought they would. 

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4 Ways That Pornography Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship

Is pornography harmful to relationships? Can porn be helpful and spice up relationships? There is growing research that is backing up serious negative impacts of pornography habits while at the same time, society is becoming more open, accepting and sexualized. To make things more complicated, the multi billion dollar pornography industry continues to make a powerful push for pron to be accepted as mainstream. There are likely individuals and couples who watch porn and don't have serious side effects, but the risks and increasing negative impacts cannot be ignored.

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