Sunset Date Night

A few weeks ago, I planned a 48 hour kid-free celebration for our anniversary. We got away to our favorite bed and breakfast for half the time, and had a stay-cation and explored near our own home for the other half. We completed our weekend with a hike to a scenic overlook where we watched the sunset. The views from the trail and the bench at the viewpoint were stunning! I think I exclaimed, “Wow!” more than a handful of times that night. It’s a hike that I hope to do at least a couple more times this summer and for many years to come.

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After our hike, I couldn’t help but think how everyone deserved to watch the sun set in a similar way. We are blessed to live right next to the mountains, so we are able to hike in a variety of places and enjoy amazing views of the valley below and the sun setting in the distance. I realize that not everyone lives so close to the mountains, so I wanted to share a few suggestions for where you can watch the sun set together and how to make your date extra romantic.

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The Best Places to Enjoy a Sunset Together

Drive West As Far As You Can Go

We don’t have to climb the mountains near us to see the sun set. If you drive west, until your view isn’t obscured by houses, trees, etc. you should be able to watch the sky turn brilliant colors as well.

Find a Scenic Overlook

If you have any hills or raised areas near you, find out if there are places you can go to get a good view of the skyline. We don’t have to hike to get a good view. There’s a paved parking lot that is secluded and overlooks the valley. There are also roads up on the mountains without houses, where we can pull over and enjoy the view from our car.

Head to the Country

If you live in the city, where it’s congested and hard to see the sun or the skyline, head to the country and make a longer date out of your drive.

Sit on the Roof

We love our rooftop rendezvous, but our house doesn’t face west, so it’s not the best for watching sunsets. If your house has a roof that isn’t too steep and faces the right direction, I’d suggest that as an option. Also, if you live in the city and have access to a rooftop, try that!

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How to Make Your Sunset Date Night More Romantic

Pack a Picnic

Pack a romantic picnic of cheeses, meats and crackers along with a few fruits and some sparkling cider. You could also pack your favorite comfort foods or classic pb&j sandwiches. We like to pick up pizzas or sub sandwiches on our way out sometimes as well.


Add this romantic playlist to your device and pull it out as the sun is setting. Dance together while you’re enjoying the view together.

Watch the Stars Come Out

Make your date last all night and wait for the sky to darken so you can watch the stars come out. Find a cozy field or bring a truck so you can throw a bunch of blankets in the back for comfort. Bring your favorite conversation starters to fill the time between your sunset watching and stargazing.

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Watching the sun set is a romantic, budget friendly date idea that is perfect for the warmer months of summer! I hope this post has given you some ideas for your next date night.

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