Every Marriage Needs a Little Spring Romance!

I don't look forward to the Daylight Savings time change every spring. Who thought this spring forward thing was a good idea anyway? The one plus is that the temperatures are warmer and the sun stays up later so we can actually enjoy the beautiful weather after we get home from work. And thank goodness for blackout curtains so my little ones keep their sleep schedule even though the sun is still out.

Because it's so cold outside and gets dark so early and Joe and I aren't winter activity people, we tend to fall back on "Netflix and chill" a lot, especially toward the end of winter. Now that spring has arrived (crossing our fingers it's here to stay), we're looking forward to spending more time together outside and bringing some more life to our relationship.

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Do you sometimes feel like the love in your marriage has gone into hibernation? Like it's dormant and not really everything that it was in the earlier days of your relationship? Spring is the perfect time to revive your love and breathe life into your marriage again! This winter has felt especially long for us as we've adjusted to life with two kids under two years old and tried to keep them both healthy. We haven't gone on very many outings and we went almost two months without a kid free date. 

I'm really looking forward to more time outside, fun adventures, and more time with my husband and our little family. I thought I'd share five things that I plan on doing now that the weather has warmed up. These activities are fun to do with your family but can add some variety and excitement into your marriage if you participate in them, just the two of you. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter and download my free Seasonal Date Night Bucket Lists e-book for even more spring romance ideas!

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Spring Date Night Ideas

Cook a Meal Together Outside

Just last weekend we were wishing that we'd thought to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and break out the grill. It would have been so nice to sit together on the porch, watching Bensen and Howie run around the yard while dinner cooked nearby. We have so much fun learning how to cook new foods on our grill or in the smoker and we love roasting things over the fire. If you don't have a fire pit, check out these fun DIY S'mores Pots. Some other couples break out the dutch oven or cook tin foil dinners.

Go on a Picnic

One of my fondest memories of a picnic was when Bensen was a couple of months old. Joe and I went through the drive-thru at one of our favorite fast food restaurants and took our meal to one of our favorite parks. Another was when we crossed a family date off of last year's bucket list and went on a picnic, played on a fun playground and went on a small hike at a popular local park. Just this past weekend, we walked with the kids and the dog down to the park at the end of our street and enjoyed a picnic lunch with my family because my siblings were all in town. I'm looking forward to picnic dinners in our backyard with the entire family, or dessert and stargazing, just the two of us after the kids go to bed. I know that Bensen is going to love family picnics at the park when he can play on the playground while Joe and I spend some quality time together. And I hope that Joe and I can go on a hike and enjoy a picnic together once we've reached our destination.

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Get Outside and Get Active

One of mine and Joe's favorite things to do since the beginning of our relationship is to go on long walks together. We love late night walks, but with two kiddos in bed fairly early, that isn't always possible anymore. Luckily, we can put the kids in our double stroller and they enjoy a relaxing tour of our neighborhood while we get some exercise, fresh air and quality conversation. Some other couples hold hands and roller blade together (note to self, buy roller blades), go for a bike ride or hike to a nearby waterfall.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

There are a few places near us that are known for their phenomenal flowers every spring. One location has cherry blossoms and is on our Date Night Bucket List for the year. Another is filled with an assortment of beautiful flowers. And yet another has a very popular festival dedicated to tulips, we went a few years ago. One of my favorite places to see flowers is my mom's front yard and the yards of many of our neighbors, so sometimes a walk around the block is the prettiest sight to see.

Clean and Work on House Projects

This one might not seem that romantic, but as someone who gets some of her greatest joys from a clean house, the fresh air gets me all excited to freshen up our house. I love to open all of the windows and freshen everything up. I've already started deep cleaning and clearing out clutter and have plans for a spring cleaning date night (I'll share more on the blog after we've done this). When I was pregnant with Bensen, we spent my spring break painting a wall in our house, finishing our kitchen table and decor and doing a few other cleaning projects around the house. It feels so nice to accomplish something together and make your living space more clean and happy!

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Whatever you do over the next few months, before the heat of summer feels too hot to bear, take the time to get out and do things together. Work on your marriage, get away from your every day routine and get to know each other better than you know each other now.

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What are your favorite things to do together when the weather starts to warm up after a long, cold winter?

Flowers are blooming, let your love bloom too! Five spring date night ideas for married couples.