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The other day I learned that Joe used to own a unicycle when he was younger. His mom bought one and he decided to teach himself to ride it. We were watching a music video with an elephant riding a motorcycle when I learned this about him. It's a video that we've watched multiple times before, but he never thought to tell me until now. We've been together for almost eight years, and we're still learning new things about each other.

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Every stage of life brings new challenges and feelings and reminds us of moments from our past. Our preferences change and we discover new favorites. We change and grow and our viewpoints on life evolve with us. Some couples stop talking about themselves at different points in their lives. No matter what stage of life you're in, you can find something new to learn about your spouse.

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This Spouse Speed Dating date idea {partner link} from The Dating Divas is perfect for a quick at home date night with the potential to help you learn a lot of new things about each other. The printables are free to download and really easy to put together.

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If you're looking for an at home date night ideas that are more intentional and fit any schedule, this is your date! Pull this out after the kids are in bed one night during the week, in the morning during breakfast, or really any other time of the day. You could take this out to the deck, sit on the couch in your front room, or sit across from each other at the kitchen table like you would while speed dating.

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After you've gotten to know each other better, invite your spouse to join you for dessert or a drink while you talk about the new things that you learned about each other or the memories that the questions stirred up. Use this date night activity as a jumping off point to continue to learn something new about each other each day. If you need other ideas of what to ask each other, check out this book from One Extraordinary Marriage, this conversation starter pack from The Divas {partner link} or this section of our date night Pinterest board.

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What's something new that you learned about your spouse recently?

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The perfect at home date night idea for couples in every stage of life. Get to know each other better with this speed dating activity. Free printable downloads.