Perks of Being Married to a Small Business Owner

A big thanks to Ashley from Rainstorms and Love Notes for taking over the blog today in the next Perks of Being Married to My Spouse post!

From the very first day I met TJ (6 years ago tomorrow, aw!), he's talked about working for himself. As a self-taught web developer, TJ has an extreme passion for what he does, and he was certain that one day, he could turn that passion from a side-business into a profitable full-time gig.

In November 2013, about a year and a half into our marriage, TJ was working full-time as a web developer and working on side web projects in nearly all of his spare time. And then, the Friday before Thanksgiving, he called me to tell me that he'd lost his job. It was scary, but it also was kind of exciting - this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for, and he wanted to know if I was on board with him starting his business, Nevis Technology, and relying on it for his sole source of income.

Nervously, but full of excitement at finally seeing his dream start to come true, I told him I was in, and that I'd do whatever I could to help his business be successful.

So, nearly 2 years later, what are the perks of being married to a small business owner?

1. His hours are flexible
TJ is his own boss, which takes a lot of discipline, but it also means that he sets his own hours, and can get work done on his own time. Does this mean that sometimes he'll be working at 8pm on a Saturday? Sure, but it also means that we can go to the park on a Monday afternoon at 2pm, or if I need him during traditional "work hours", he can be there to help me. For example, last year, I had some car trouble around 8am on a Thursday morning, he was able to stop what he was working on, come pick me up, arrange for my car to be taken to the dealership, and stay with me until everything was fixed. If he was still working for someone else, it would have been a hassle for him to take the day off to do that, but as his own boss, it was easy for him to shuffle his workload around.

2. He's much happier
Seeing someone get to fulfill a lifelong dream is a truly incredible thing. Even with the difficulties that can come with being a small business owner (and trust me, there are many!), TJ is so much happier working for himself. Having a happier husband, who feels fulfilled in his work makes me happier too, and honestly, I believe it's strengthened our marriage. I'm so proud of the way he's been able to achieve his goals, and seeing the amount of joy he gets from living his dream is awesome.

3. He's my go-to tech guru
This has a little more to do with him being a web developer more than being a business owner, but TJ is my absolute go-to guy when I have ANY kind of question about blog stuff, computer issues, internet slowness, etc. Because the nature of his business requires him to stay on top of the latest technologies, it usually means he either already knows the answers to my questions, or at the very least knows how to figure out the answer pretty quickly. He's basically my tech-i-pedia.

Of course, like I mentioned above, being a small business owner can come with its share of hardships, so I'll leave you with one thing that's not always so great: there's a HUGE learning curve when starting a business. Not only did TJ have a lot to learn, but I did too. We both had to learn how to manage inconsistent income and make adjustments to our lifestyle, but as time goes on, we're continuing to figure it out and it's working for us.

Starting Nevis Technology was one of the best things that TJ has done for himself, and for us, and I am so proud of him!