Small Puppy, BIG Personality

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We fondly refer to Howie as Mini Monster in our house and for a good reason. He is the sweetest, friendliest, most cuddly, furry creature you'll ever meet. But he also has a wild, crazy, hyper, sometimes naughty side that we can't help but love! It's really hard to say no to a sweet face like Howie's and he's just so darn cute, even when he is naughty, that it's hard to stay upset with him for long. If I could have even half of his energy, I'd get so much more accomplished every day.

purina 28 day challenge

^^Howie's new favorite food. He loves it more than treats, and his favorite word is treat.

We just transitioned Howie from puppy food to adult dog food tear and participated in the Purina One 28 Day Challenge. Now we have the healthiest, most energetic pup on the block! We have to hide the food container because he knows where the good stuff is and would eat it all day if we let him. Howie loves his new food so much that if I leave the container out in the kitchen, like we did with his old food, he will scratch at it all day begging us to fill up his bowl again.

I thought that the older Howie got, the more mellow he'd become, but he just seems to have more and more energy, maybe it's the food. We can't wait to move into our new house with its huge fenced in yard and three flights of stairs. Any time we go over to work on projects or to see how things are coming along, Howie gets a lot of exercise and wears himself out. He has a routine while we are there; He runs outside and explores the yard, then he comes in and explores every floor, checking to see if anything has changed since the last time he was inside, he checks in on whatever we're doing and then he heads back outside to play some more. Howie loves the freedom that he has at our new house!

Joe and I each have a very different relationship with Howie. Joe is the fun parent; He rough houses with Howard, they play hide and go seek, he has the patience to teach him new tricks, and he's the only one that gets snuggles when he asks for them. I'm the parent that Howie hides from when he's been naughty; I'm the one who disciplines firmly and gets results, I'm the one who Howie runs from because he thinks that if I'm trying to pick him up, that means he's in trouble, but I'm also the one who calms Howie down when he gets so excited that he can't breathe.  When I come home from work, Howard is always excited to see me, but he gets over me fast and wants to go outside or run through the house with his favorite toy of the day. When Joe comes home from work, Howie runs to the door, jumps up and down, begs to be greeted and then follows Joe around for the next half hour. I think it's clear who the favorite parent is... ;) But when I don't feel good, Howie spend the entire day cuddling with me. If I'm crying, he puts his face next to mine to make sure I'm ok and kisses my tears away. So although I'm not the favorite, playful one, I love the relationship I have with my Howard.

man's best friend

^^Man and his best friend

puppy love

^^Watching the birds fly around the yard. 

The increase in energy and love of food that Howie has experienced as a result of the Purina One 28 Day Challenge has benefited not only him, but us as well. It encourages us to get out and be active more often, which is also Howie's favorite. If we haven't been over to our house or taken the puppy on a walk at least once every day, it is torture for us. Highly energetic puppies are grumpy and sometimes obnoxious if they don't get enough physical activity during the day. And the more worn out our puppy is, the better and longer he sleeps at night, which makes for happier puppy parents. Walks are Howie's favorite, and so is playing outside. Staying active with our puppy keeps us healthy and builds our relationship with him. The family that plays together, stays together!

purina one smartblend
best food for dog's

Your family's favorite furry friend can take the Purina One 28 Day Challenge just like Howie did.

Use this link to get a $3 off coupon that you can use towards a Purina One bag of dog food. I would love to hear about the changes you see in your dog throughout the challenge!

He had a lot of energy and really wanted to play until we took him outside and tried to get him to play soccer. When he's in the mood, this is really fun to watch! He catches the ball with his paws, he's really good at keeping it away from us and he chases it across the yard really fast. If there were a professional puppy soccer team, Howie would definitely be on it. He was obviously extremely distracted when I tried to film this one.