Six Months Married, Finals are Over, and Zoolights

Wow, this month is looking busy! I was getting so excited for finals to be over so that I'd finally have time to work on my own things and not feel guilty when I'm neglecting my homework for a little mental break. All of the things that are going to keep me busy are fun, but it looks like I won't have much time to get my own projects done until the week of Christmas and the week of New Years so we'll see how that goes!

Wednesday was our six month anniversary and I was in charge of planning our day!

After I got off work at noon, we drove up to Layton for lunch and shopping. We had some gift certificates to the NYPD Pizza place over by the mall in Layton, and free dates are always the best kind! After lunch, we drove over to campus so I could take my final and get that off my chest! It always feels so good to be done with a semester! This semester hasn't been as brutal as some, but it definitely was a relief to have done. The big break that we get before next semester starts is really nice as well! To finish off the afternoon, we went to the mall to do a little Christmas shopping and spend some gift cards. It was convenient that I already had to be in Layton and that we had a lot that we could do up there for a couple of hours! Joe has new shoes and a new pair of pants and we've got almost half of our Christmas shopping done!

I think I wore my poor husband out dragging him through the mall for so long, so we took an hour break and I got some things done around the apartment while he took a nap! Then we got all bundled up, in lots of warm layers, to go to the zoo lights!!! I found a groupon a few weeks ago that got both of us in for the price of one, and I've always wanted to go to the zoo lights because I love the zoo and I love Christmas lights, so it quickly became part of my six month anniversary date. Partly because the coupon expired that night and partly because we didn't have any other nights before that available for us to go! The zoo lights were awesome, I got really excited when we rounded the corner and I could see them all!

 Santa and two of his reindeer (this one is Vixen) were at the zoo lights

 This is Joe and his friends

 Me with my friends

Us in front of the Zoo Lights (We were cold!!!)

After zoo lights, we went for dinner at Rumbi Island Grill. It was yummy, and I loved that I didn't have to make any food all day long! We ended the night at Joe's parent's house because he needed to change my brake pads. He has been so worried about the safety of my car, and it saved us a lot of money for him to do it since he knows how! I love him! He spent time out in the cold garage (with space heaters running) to make my car safe again! It was a good night, minus the massive migraine I ended the night with.

I loved spending quality time with my crazy husband all day! Any days that we can do that, we take advantage of that because it's rare. Nights spent doing homework, cleaning, or at the gym just aren't as quality as these kind of days when we set all of our responsibilities aside and just have fun together! Six months has gone by fast, so I'm glad that I have the rest of eternity to spend with Joe!

How do you celebrate milestones in your life?