6 Reasons to Spoil Your Spouse for No Reason at All

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There are so many opportunities throughout the year to treat the one you love to something extra special. Birthday week, 12 days of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries are all my favorite. I am a believer in going big with celebrations and making your spouse feel special, but what if I told you that you don't need a holiday or special occasion to spoil your spouse? You can pick one random date at any point in the year and treat your spouse like a king or queen for a day or even a full week.

I wanted to share a few excuses you can use to spoil your spouse and one of my new favorite ways to spoil my husband. The spoiling lasts for an entire week and is simple to prepare and carry out. The best part is, there is a lot of variety and you can use this over and over again without having it be the same. I'm planning to find a way to use this kit three to four times a year.

Hint: You'll want to purchase the 7 Days of Spoiling Your Spouse Kit from The Dating Divas and then check out this post for all of the details of the challenge and giveaways that they're hosting over on Instagram February 8th - 14th 2018.

You don't need a special occasion to spoil your spouse!

Excuses for Spoiling Your Spouse

Their Half Birthday

I love to celebrate birthday week for Joe, and celebrating his half birthday sounds like a fun idea too! Your spouse would be pleasantly surprised if you randomly start to celebrate when they turn their age and a half. Half birthdays are a big deal when you're younger, "I'm not five, I'm five and a half", why not make them something to get excited about now that you're an adult as well.

Completing a Project

You know those big projects that feel like they take an eternity to complete? Maybe you've been working to dejunk and clean up your house or remodel an area of your house or you got your taxes done early. Use these things as an excuse to celebrate!

Rough Times in Life

Has your spouse been working extra hours? Has life been stressful? Sometimes you need a little pick me up and what better way to provide that for the one you love than by spoiling them for an entire week. For this occasion, I would pick out all of the things that comfort them and make them happy.

A Big Accomplishment

Did your spouse just do something big? Maybe they completed another semester of school, passed a big test, got a raise at work or achieved a goal that they'd set. Celebratory dinners are a favorite of mine, but you can make your spouse feel extra appreciated and let them know how proud you are of them with a little extra spoiling.

They Supported You In Something

When I was graduating from college, a lot of my classmates were planning big gestures to thank their biggest support system, their spouse. They planned weekend getaways, special dates or got a gift. I think that a week of spoiling is a great way to say thank you to your spouse for supporting you in whatever they've seen you through. Whether that's four years of school, a few extra long work days or just a personal endeavor that's taken extra time and attention.

No Reason At All

You really don't need a reason to do something extra special for your spouse, and sometimes it's nice to spoil them for no reason other than that you love them and are grateful to have them in your life.

7 Days of Spoiling Kit

I love the 7 Days of Spoiling Your Spouse Kit that The Dating Divas put together! It's perfect for any time you want to make the one you love feel extra special and let them know how much you care. And the best part? Right now it's on sale for just $5 in celebration of their challenge this coming week! Grab yours here and take just a few minutes this weekend to plan out what you'll do, then join us next week in spoiling your spouse. Click here for more details on the challenge.

I was so excited to put together this gift and surprise Joe with it all week long. I did mine back in January, and had planned to post about it right after, but then I found out that the Divas were doing their fun challenge and wanted to wait until it got closer to give you all of the details! The kit contains cute envelopes for all seven days, 20+ activity cards with suggestions to help you plan the perfect week and a few blank ones you can fill in with your own ideas, a bunch of suggestions straight from the Diva's site to go along with your week's activities as a pack of picture messages you can send your spouse each day to increase their anticipation.

This kit is golden and even if you aren't planning on participating in The Diva's challenge this coming week, I highly suggest you purchase one for future use, especially right now while it's on sale! And check out some of my suggestions below, based on the cards that I chose to use for the week of spoiling when I did it.

a special treat for your spouse

Enjoy a Special Dessert of Your Choosing

If you plan to use this idea to spoil your spouse, I would suggest giving it to them the night before, so that you have time to prepare if you need it. This day's card comes with a second card for your spouse to make their request. If you need a few ideas to suggest that your spouse try, I have some for you!

For good old chocolate chip cookies, these are my three favorite recipes. I keep bags of cookie dough balls in the deep freezer so that I can pull them out and use them whenever the craving hits. 

Bethany Grow shared a couple of really great dessert recipes as part of her Date Night in the Kitchen series on our site. Two of my favorites are the Chocolate Chip Calzones and the Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova

Our go to dessert for date night or special occasions are Mini Cookie Skillets using our favorite cookie dough topped with ice cream. This tutorial shows them being cooked on the grill, but we'll pop them into the oven quickly whenever we decide to make them. Click here for the recipe.

If you're a salty and savory type of treat person, Bethany also shared these 3 Gourmet Paper Bag Popcorns that are delicious.

romantic bubble bath

One of the biggest requests that I made when we bought and renovated our home was that we put a deep soaking tub in. This one is currently in the basement, which is a little inconvenient and very cold (thank goodness for space heaters) but that bathroom also stays the cleanest and has my favorite decor, so it's my own little oasis that I sometimes share with Joe.

We always have a stock of bath bombs on hand and love to watch our current Netflix binge or just relax after the kids are in bed. The Divas also have a card for a relaxing bath for one in their kit, so you could tailor this to be all about your spouse and draw a bath just for them to relax while you get the kids in bed.

romantic night out

We've made a goal to get out of the house for date night more often lately. We'd fallen into the habit of date night at home because Emmy was so little and because of our budget. It was easier to stay home, especially when we were tired at the end of a long week of work and parenting. We're working to get out of the house more often and share all of those adventures on Davis County Date Nights.

There's an option in the kit to treat your spouse to date night at home. We have lots of great at home date night ideas here on the blog. Our most favorite at home date night recently was this indoor campout.

For even more date night ideas, check out my Prioritizing Date Night Ebook!

For the saucy bedroom game idea pictured below, check out The Game of Love, or the intimacy ideas on The Dating Divas site.

bedroom games for married couples

Whatever your reasons for celebrating your spouse, choose things from the Spoiling Your Spouse kit that you know they'll really enjoy. Then the next time, you can pick different things. There are enough options to repeat this over and over again without ever getting bored. I'm excited to see what everyone does next week for the challenge and I can't wait to do this again for Joe in the future!

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