R is for Rapid


[rap-id] adjective
1.  occurring within a short time; happening speedily
2.  moving or acting with great speed; swift

There were seven and a half months between the day we met and the day we got married. In our religious culture, that's a fairly normal time frame for people to dateget engaged and seal the deal, but I know to some people, this seems fairly quick. Would it seem even more crazy if I told you that marriage came up in our conversations only a month after we started dating?

When we first started to seriously talk marriage, I think the first week of December 2010 (I remember because we chatted about it after my company Christmas party), we were shooting for an October wedding. I'd always wanted a fall wedding with a reception in my parent's gorgeous backyard, and with Joe starting up his lawn care business and both of us only working part time, we figured waiting until summer and mowing season were over would be a better option.

A bunch of random things happened that prompted us to decide on a June wedding date, and the minute we did, everything sort of fell into place, including both of us getting offered full time hours at our jobs. We set a wedding date for June 7th, Joe proposed to me, and we started planning our forever together. I don't regret a single thing about our whirlwind romance, and four years later, I would do it all over again in the exact same time frame.

What 'R' word would you use to describe your marriage?