Q is for Quirky


[kwur-kee] adjective
1.  having or full of quirks


[kwurk] noun
1.  a peculiarity of action, behavior or personality; mannerism

^^ We found a random pile of sticks during our engagement session and decided to "start a fire" ^^

Our relationship is definitely quirky, there's no doubt about that! Two quirky, random, strange personalities married to each other is bound to make life interesting. Everything about us and our relationship is uniquely weird; the way we fight, the way we flirt, the way we view date night, the things that we find fun, the conversations we have. If you've ever hung out with us, or read about the random happenings of our marriage, you know exactly what I'm talking about. We like to make ourselves, each other and other people laugh and being quirky is a great way to do that!

What 'Q' word would you use to describe your relationship?