Places of Significance Date Night Idea for Married Couples

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about a date she’d been on with her husband that sounded like a lot of fun! She said that for their anniversary, she and her husband had visited a variety of places that had significance in their relationship. This would make a great anniversary celebration, but I also think that it could be a fun idea to do for one of your regular, weekly date nights every once in a while.

Working together with your spouse, think of all of the places that mean something in your relationship. This could be an activity, somewhere you went to eat, a movie you watched together, a special treat you enjoyed often, etc. I thought I’d give you a few ideas from our own relationship to get you started!

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Date Ideas to Relive Significant Moments in Your Relationship

Relive your first date

I can remember where we went on our first date, what we both had to eat and the movie that we watched after we were done with dinner. This is one of the most popular ways to relive moments from your relationship and one that I’ve heard happening often. I think it’s always fun to share your thoughts from that first date, how you were feeling about each other, any awkward moments you had, etc. Pull out your journal before your date if you need a little memory jog.

Visit the place you got engaged

Some couples get engaged out in nature, at a fancy restaurant, or in a place of significance to the two of them. Wherever you got engaged, find a way to incorporate it into a date night. Ours is a bit of a drive, but we try to “relive” that moment any time we’re in the area.

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Something you haven’t done since you were dating

When we were first dating, we would go on long walks around town and end up at the park a few blocks from our houses, swinging and talking until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore. It was late fall and very chilly, but we didn’t care because we were together. Those late night walks continued into our marriage, but usually just during the warmer months of the year. We don’t get to enjoy them anymore because we have kiddos at home in bed. I’d love to add this activity to the end of a few of our date nights, while we have a babysitter staying with our kids and we can do that activity that helps us bond and connect.

A new restaurant that you discovered together

What would you consider “your restaurant”? We have a few, but the first one that comes to mind is a yummy Italian restaurant that Joe introduced me to. It’s where we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day, where we went for our first date as brand new parents and where we went on a short date while our second baby was in the NICU just a few miles away. That restaurant has played a huge part in our story and our life together!

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Overnight date to where you honeymooned

This might not be an option for some people, if your honeymoon location is further than a short drive away. Our honeymoon location is a great escape, just an hour from where we live, and perfect for a little overnight vacation. Stay in the same hotel, go out to eat at a few of the same restaurants, and do some of the same activities you did when you were celebrating being newly married. But also try a few new things and make new memories too!

Take your kids on a walk down memory lane and share your story

Make your date a family date, and take the kiddos with you. Visit or drive by some locations that have memories for you. Stop and share your stories at each location. Don’t forget to take the whole family to one of your favorite date night locations and enjoy a meal or grab your favorite treat together.


I am looking forward to a few date nights to relive moments of significance in our marriage and I hope you’ll have fun planning and going on yours as well! It’s fun to remember the feelings we felt in those moments, the memories we made and all of the things that made us fall in love with each other.

What other moments or places of significance would you visit on your date?

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography