What We Pack for a Short Romantic Getaway

Up until about a year ago, we used to pack our biggest suitcase whenever we got away together, even for just a night. And we’d often have one or two more small bags that we’d bring along as well. I’ve made it my goal the last two times that we got away to only bring a tote (I bring the one I got with my Marriage Moon package) instead of a big suitcase. This goal stemmed from the fact that we have to pack to take our kiddos to grandma’s for the weekend as well, and they needed the big suitcase to fit their sound machines, blankets, diapers, etc. Rather than buying more luggage, we decided to make due with what we have.

I tend to be an over packer, making sure that we have whatever we might need for every situation we might encounter. By sticking to the basics, I’ve been able to pack light and stick to our goal. Obviously, if we were to get away for more than a few days, we’d need to get more suitcases and pack more, but this list works well for us in our current stage of life and for the getaways that we take on a regular basis.

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What to Pack for a Romantic Getaway

Marriage Moon

This is a recent addition to our getaways. We love to use this Marriage Moon guide from Chelsea Avery as a way to enhance our quality time together and make the most of our getaway. Marriage Moon is a light, three-day guide that takes 45 minutes each day, over the course of the day, to complete. The goal of Marriage Moon is to help you connect more and come home from your trip feeling less like roommates! Click here for more information and for our experience with Marriage Moon.

Something lacy, silky, satiny and sexy

Six months ago, I tossed all of the lingerie that I’d gotten for my wedding, that no longer fit me and probably never will. I wanted to start fresh, with a collection that fit me well and made me feel confident and beautiful in my own skin. I bought my first new piece just in time for our last romantic getaway, so that I’d have something sexy to wear that wasn’t the hotel bathrobe (although those are comfortable as well). Since then, my collection has grown to six pieces of lingerie, all purchased from the same company, and I will continue to purchase more pieces for future getaways and other moments in our marriage. Click here to read more about why I feel it’s important to continue to purchase new lingerie throughout your marriage and why I will continue to buy all of my pieces from Mentionables.

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A date night outfit

When I’m packing for a weekend away, just the two of us, I pick out my most favorite outfits to wear. These are usually the outfits that I don’t wear very often, because staying home with my kids means that I opt for comfort and flexibility over cute when I get dressed each day. Not that I don’t wear cute clothes on a regular basis, buy my nicest outfits stay hanging in my closet more days than not to avoid them getting ruined by stains or dirt or tears or extreme wear. Romantic getaways give me the opportunity to look my best and wear my best for myself and my husband. Click here to see some of my favorite date night outfits over the years.

Perfume/cologne and jewelry

Easy and obvious, but because I don’t wear them daily, I sometimes don’t think to pack them. It’s the little things that make a difference in your relationship and I believe it’s the little things that make a difference in the atmosphere and the mood on your getaway.

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Beauty products

I’ve actually cut back on the beauty products that I bring on our getaways, which has made a difference in the size of the luggage that we have to bring. I don’t bring a blow dryer, and sometimes I don’t even bring a styling tool. A little dry shampoo helps keep my hair overnight and I style it in an easy way the next day so I don’t have to spend as much time getting ready and we have more time to have fun.

Medicine and personal care products

Every time we get away for the night, we end up having to run to the nearest store to grab pain medicine or heart burn medicine. Not only does this eat into our budget, because we can never stop at buying just what we went for, but it cuts into our quality time and the activities that we had planned as well. I always make sure to pack a few essentials that we might need so we’re prepared and can enjoy our time together to the fullest.

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If you don’t have a romantic getaway on the books, I would encourage you to plan one, even if it’s only one night away! That time will be so beneficial to your marriage, no matter what stage of life you are in. Don’t forget to pack the things on this list to help you make the most of the time that you have together!

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Packing list for your next romantic getaway.