What to Pack for Your First Baby Free, Romantic Getaway

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We're about a month away from our baby-free, romantic getaway and I'm getting excited! I can't wait to spend quality time with Joe and work on our relationship! The adventure of parenthood has both strengthened and challenged our marriage. The past four and a half months have been filled with joy and laughter, moments of learning, and plenty of struggles. I've had a goal to make our marriage relationship a priority and so far, I think we've done a pretty good job. I know that getting away together for a weekend is going to do our marriage so much good. Every time we have gotten away in the past, even if it has just been for a night, we have come back feeling rejuvenated and more in love than before. I always feel like we're a newlywed couple again, fresh off our honeymoon. Right now, our relationship is good, but I know that this little vacation is going to do our marriage so much good and I want to pack our suitcase in a way that will make our time together as successful as possible!

What to pack for a romantic getaway.

Packing for a Romantic Getaway

Games and Movies

When we are away, we like to get out and do things in the area where we are staying, but we also like to spend some time in our room, relaxing and hanging out together. If we go on a long vacation, we always plan one day in the middle of the week that's a rest and relaxation day so that we don't get burnt out and need a vacation from our vacation. For these moments and any other down time we might have, we like to have a couple of card or board games to play or a fun movie to watch. These are all things that we love to do together on a regular basis, so incorporating them into our getaway makes sense.

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Date Night Worthy Outfits

If you're anything like me, you wear your comfortable clothes any time you're at home with your baby. Because of our schedules my husband sees me most often in pajama pants or workout clothes, unless it's date night. While you're on your romantic getaway, you don't have to worry about baby messes or wearing something that's easy to move around and play in. Pack your favorite clothes, the jewelry that you never wear because of baby fingers and make yourself feel glamorous every day that you are away. Have a couple of extra special outfits ready so that you can dress up even more for dinners and other special events. Don't forget to throw in your husband's favorite perfume!

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Tablet, Computer or Smart Phone

Leaving your baby behind doesn't mean that you have to forget all about them for the weekend! Have some sort of technology in your suitcase that will allow you to talk to and hopefully see your baby while you are gone. Having that face-to-face time with them helps to put your mind at ease and make your time apart easier on everyone. You want to be able to enjoy the alone time that you have with your spouse and if you're constantly worried about or missing your baby, that won't be possible. We try to keep our time together as technology free as possible, but now that we have a little one, our phones are on and close by any time we leave him with someone else. Just remember that you can still be unplugged while remaining available for any emergencies!

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Ingredients for a Romantic Night In

You can't have a romantic getaway without connecting on an intimate level, so make sure you're thinking about that while you're packing for your trip. Some things that you might consider including in your bag are; an outfit that you feel gorgeous in, candles (if the location you're staying allows them), bath salts or bath bombs and K-Y® LOVE Sensuality Pleasure Gel or K-Y® LOVE Passion Pleasure Gel. Having a baby brought so many physical changes, some that I didn't even really think about before, and a good lubricant can make all the difference and enhance intimacy at the same time. Don't let your post baby body get in the way of your ability to connect as a couple while you are away. Embrace those changes and realize that your body just did something amazing! You might not look the same as you did on your honeymoon and postpartum comes with a lot of fun changes (Joe's surprised that I still have hair on my head with how much I lose every day), but your husband isn't any less in love with you and still thinks you're just as beautiful if not more so!

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What Not to Pack

An Alarm Clock

You won't need to worry about getting up in the morning to take care of your little one or go to work, so turn off any phone or activity tracker alarms and enjoy sleeping in. Maybe you're like me and your body wakes you up automatically in the morning anyway. Joe is really great at sleeping in later, but me, not so much. Enjoy early morning snuggles together and the freedom to be lazy!

Anything for Baby

Do you keep diapers, a binkie, etc. in your purse? Take them out before you leave for your trip. You won't need them and finding them in there while you're away might make you miss your baby and tempt you to cut the getaway short. You can replace them with things you'll need to create romance!

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I purchased everything that we need for our first weekend away from Bensen, including K-Y®, at Walmart. Look for the display near the Family Planning section of a store near you!

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You can't pack this in your suitcase, but be sure to bring your best attitude and be ready for a weekend filled with romance, fun and connection! Both you and your spouse will appreciate having you there happy and stress-free and prepared to focus on your relationship with each other. Leave your to do list behind and don't spend the weekend thinking about everything that needs to be done at home. I know that in my everyday life, I'm guilty of being distracted by things that I should be doing, rather than being in the moment. The other morning, Joe called me out because we were cuddling and enjoying being lazy together but he felt like I couldn't stop thinking about making breakfast and sticking to the schedule that I had for myself that day. I plan to go into our getaway weekend schedule free! We may have a list of things that we want to do and places that we want to go, but I want to be open to being spontaneous, taking our time and not rushing through whatever we choose to do. I know that we'll enjoy our weekend more and come away more connected as a couple if we do that!

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What other things do you think are important to include when you're packing for a romantic getaway?