P is for Pamper


[pam-per] verb
1.  to treat or gratify with extreme or excessive indulgence, kindness, or care

When I thought of the word pamper, I immediately thought of foot massages, back scratches, gifts and fancy dinners. But then I read the definition above and started to think on a whole new level. Pampering doesn't necessarily have to be a big gesture that involves chocolate or the spa. Pampering your spouse can simply mean that you make a concentrated effort to care for them and are are extra kind to them.

Joe is really great at pampering me. Just last week, when I was in desperate need of a foot massage, he not so willingly gave me an amazing one! And although sometimes we get annoyed or grumble about the inconvenience of doing something for each other, Joe and I try really hard to do nice things for each other daily, no matter how small that thing might be.

What 'P' word would you use to describe your marriage?