Our Wedding-The Reception

Our sign in table, our book was so great!

(I've been told this was a great hold up and traffic jam for our line)

wedding sign in table

 Where we stood! Our decorations were so cute!

wedding line
wedding chandelier
backyard wedding decor
wedding reception centerpieces

The food table

We had cupcakes, fruit kabobs and nut and candy cups.

wedding reception table

Our lovely line of guests! They were all so patiently waiting!

Our cupcake cake

cupcake cake
wedding cake cake topper

 Amberly: "We shouldn't smash it into each other's faces."

Joe: "Why not?"

Amberly: "I don't know, I guess we can."

Joe: "Ok"

 I got him good

 And then he rubbed his face on mine after we kissed and got me back!

Who's the lucky girl going to be?

 The garter only flung a foot or so.

We loved our wedding!!! Thanks to everyone who came!!!!

What was your favorite detail from your wedding reception?