One Week, So Many Dates

One of my goals for this summer, since I don't have homework responsibilities holding me back, is to get out and do a lot of different things with my husband for date nights or just for fun. While I was home sick the other day, I made a whole list of date night/day ideas and restaurants that we should try. We've already done a couple of them and I have a few of them planned for May! I'm seriously so excited about it, and I want to do something new every day.

This past week, Joe and I were able to do something together almost every single night of the week, and they involved more than eating our dinner in front of our favorite TV show together and not moving off of the couch for the rest of the night. Not that there is anything wrong with something like that every once and a while, or when I have homework!

Dinner & a Show

Tuesday's Date Night

Tuesday night we didn't spend a single penny on our date! We started our night out at one of our favorites, Salt City Burger. I had a coupon and we had some money leftover on a gift card that we got for Christmas so it seemed like a great choice. The Bountiful location recently changed from having servers to counter service and while it's still yummy, their burgers just aren't the same. Joe has a really hard time with the fact that his Smokehouse Bacon Burger doesn't have as much bacon ground into it as he likes, the burgers are smaller, and they changed the buns. Even so, I think they are still my favorite burger place. Does my burger look gross to you? It has provolone cheese and caramelized onions on it and then I top it with fry sauce, it is seriously delicious, I usually crave more after I'm done eating. And sweet potato fries? I just can't resist!

We have season tickets to the community theater and it was our night to see the T/Th/S cast of Secret Garden! I really look forward to our dates at the theater and my husband enjoys going with me. I'm so glad that he hasn't ever had a problem with me renewing my season tickets, that I love so much, year after year because I would seriously cry if I didn't get my regular musical fix in!

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

I have been looking forward to last Wednesday's date for a long time! I've always wanted to go to The Tulip Festival and I told Joe that this year was the year. I had a buy one get one free admission coupon (Seriously guys, we rarely do anything without a coupon, but more on that in Thursday's post.) and I planned this date for the day that I'd originally planned to take my last final. It was so great, and I am so glad we did it, even though as Joe said on our way there, "So, we're paying money to go see flowers?" Yes babe, yes we are.

Chick Fil A

^^Pre Tulip Festival Acitivies

On our way to Thanksgiving Point, we made a few stops. First to pick up my husband's shirts for his amazing lawn care business, don't they look great? And then we stopped at Chick-fil-a for dinner, which is always super yummy, and I convinced him that we needed to go to The Sweet Tooth Fairy while we were in the area so that I could eat something yummy!

The Tulip Festival

We spent almost an hour and a half walking through the gardens, and I don't know why I've never been there before, it is gorgeous! We found a lot of fun paths to take, including one through the secret garden, up past a beautiful waterfall and then past the Waterfall Ampitheater. It was a lot of fun and a relaxing, active date.

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival
The Tulip Festival

At the entrance to the Secret Garden

The Tulip Festival

I loved this waterfall!

The Tulip Festival

I even found a carousel!!!

I can't wait for more summer dates! I have a lot of fun adventures planned and I can't wait to share them with you all!

What are you favorite "summer" dates or activities?