One Month Down, Eternity to Go!!!!

Can you believe that it has already been a month since you all were standing in the massive line at our reception, waiting to give us many wishes of congratulations?! You wish you could do it all over again, don't you?! I knew it!!! I would go back and do that week over, well, the last half of it, just so that I could spend all day every day with Joe, it was the best!

A one month anniversary really isn't that huge, I know, but Joe still bought me flowers! The first flowers he's ever given me, and they even came wrapped in our wedding colors! How great is he!?

Life with Amberly & Joe - One Month Anniversary
Life with Amberly & Joe - One Month Anniversary

We "celebrated" our marriage milestone with dinner at our favorite Salt City Burger and used our season tickets to the community theater to see 'Civil War', a fantastic show!! It was very convenient that our tickets were for tonight! Great date night with a great man that I love!!!

Do you celebrate the little milestones in your relationship?