Olive Garden Date Night

Last week I realized that it had been a while since Joe and I had been out to eat together. We go get food and stuff, but us actually making an effort to go on a dinner date hasn't happened since we went shopping for Joe's ring, and that's been a few weeks. Dinner dates are our favorite, so I suggested that we go to dinner sometime this week and Joe agreed! All day long I kept trying to think of where we should go because I knew he'd make me pick. Our usual favorites, Salt City Burger and Cafe Rio, just weren't sounding fantastic to me and I couldn't decide what I was craving at all! I really put a lot of effort into figuring out a few suggestions that sounded good so Joe could pick one.

When I went to pick Joe up, he opened the driver's side door and told me to move over. He almost said it in a way that would make a person think they were being car jacked. Silly me, I got out of the car instead of just moving over and Joe was all flustered because, "Now I have to walk all the way around the other side of the car to open your door." He's so sweet, huh?! No really, he always opens my doors, it's not that big of a hassle for him, he's just good like that. As we started to drive, Joe asked what sounded good to me and I told him not Salt City and not Cafe Rio and told him what had sounded good to me. When he turned toward the freeway, I just assumed that we were going to Applebee's, but then he took the northbound on ramp and I got confused. Of course I wanted to know where we were going so I started pestering him until he told me to calm down and just go with it.

The next 3-5 minutes of driving time, I spent trying to figure out where he could possibly have in mind and then I remembered that every time an Olive Garden commercial comes on, I think it looks so delicious and tell him how sad it is that we have never gone together. I never mean it as a hint, we just love Italian food and Olive Garden is classic Italian so I always think it's weird that we've never tried to go. I wasn't sure if that would have been what he was thinking because there are also a few places up there that we have gift certificates for or that we've mentioned we should try at some point or another. I finally told Joe that I thought I knew where we were going and asked him if we were going to the place that I always say we've never been together and he just got this sneaky smile and said, "Maybe!" I wasn't really craving Italian at that point, but the fact that he had thought through where we should go and had a good reason behind it made me smile and our dinner was delicious and fun! We had a really great waitress too, I liked her a lot!

After dinner, I decided that we should go to the mall and "ruined" our perfect date because I made Joe take these:

Don't pay too much attention to the last two pictures, Joe and I had um... communication errors about our poses. Joe hates taking pictures and complained a lot when I found the photo booth on the first floor of the mall. He got really excited when he realized that the card reader was broken and we only had $2 cash on us, but I was really disappointed. We went upstairs to wander the top half of the mall and joy of all joys, there was another, bigger photo booth and the card reader worked!!!!

I'm not going to lie, I really liked our date!

Has your man ever surprised you with a fun date?