Nougat Cake and Fluffy White Frosting

Today is my birthday, and because I never really know what to write on the blog for my birthday, I thought I would share my favorite cake recipe to celebrate! I don't request this cake every year, but it is one of my two or three favorites. My mom's recipe card was typed using a typewriter, it came from the kitchen of her grandma, and it has a little note on it that says, "Grandma always..." and then has her variation for making the flour more like cake flour instead of all purpose when you might not always keep cake flour on hand. It's one of those recipes that you know my grandma learned from her mom and then taught my mom who has now taught me. It's my favorite!!

nougat cake and fluffy white frosting

The Fluffy White Frosting is a generic recipe that my mom always makes from her Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and I've linked to the same recipe on another site below. I'm sure this cake would taste delicious with any kind of frosting, but the fluffy white kind is my favorite and I don't think I've ever eaten Nougat Cake frosted with anything else! I love how shiny and pretty it looks and how light, sugary and airy it tastes. It may remind me a little bit of cotton candy?? I'm not sure if that's a good comparison though. It's just so much better than the heavy, butter filled frosting that you get sick of after a few bites.

nougat cake recipe
birthday cake ideas

I made this cake this past weekend for birthday celebrations with my in-laws and then, guess what!? My mom is making this cake for me to eat at our family birthday dinner this weekend as well! The one that I made was delicious (except I regret trying to make it look pretty with sugar sprinkles because the texture just didn't work with the cake/frosting combo), but my mom's will be so much better because she has been making it for so many years and this was my first attempt.

homemade birthday cake

Do you have a favorite birthday dessert tradition??

Nougat Cake and Fluffy White Frosting