N is for Nocturnal


[nok-tur-nl] adjective
1.  active at night

From the beginning of our relationship, the majority of the time that Joe and I get to spend together is at night. Joe has always worked later hours and I've always had homework or night classes that have to be done first. Most nights you'll find us working on house projects together, watching Netflix or random YouTube videos, taking long walks, or planning and discussing random life things. We always stay up way too late doing nothing important, but with minimal time available to spend quality time together, I don't think we need any excuses for staying up too late. It's a good thing w'ere adults and can set our own bedtime/curfew, but we still have to suffer the consequences every morning because the alarm doesn't go off later when we decide to stay up way too late. Maybe one day we'll have normal schedules and bedtimes, but until then, our relationship will continue to be nocturnal.

What 'N' word would you use to describe your marriage?