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Music Library Date Night

Our first or second Christmas together, I got Joe an iPod. He'd never owned one before and wanted something he could use to listen to music and audio books while he was mowing lawns. After he'd put all of his music into iTunes and synced it to his iPod, I pulled out my iPod and we spent the evening browsing our music libraries. It was a lot of fun to listen to songs that I hadn't listened to in forever and share with Joe the moments that they brought me back to. I enjoyed hearing the songs that he really loved and discovering his secret knowledge of all things music. And then there were the surprising albums that we had in common.

I never knew how much Joe loved music when he was in junior high and high school until we sat down and went through our music libraries together. He owned so many CD's and knew everything there was to know about the history behind songs and bands and artists. Just recently Joe told me about how he used to change the format of his songs to mp3 and put them all on a blank CD. That format allowed him to fit up to 200 songs on one CD and listen to them all on his walkman or in his truck. He and his friend were proud of their discovery for carrying all of their music around on one handy little disc, long before iPods were even a thing.

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If you're looking for a relaxing at home date that encourages connection, this is the date night activity for you! Grab your favorite takeout, and get cozy on the couch. You could also find a local scenic overlook and watch the sunset while you listen to songs in the back of your car. Make sure you have your phone or your iPod, two sets of headphones and a headphone splitter like this one (affiliate link), so you can both fully experience the great music that you listen to! You will be surprised by the things that you learn about your spouse and how much the music you listen to connects the two of you as a couple.

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9 ways to make the most of your music library date

Listen to the first album you ever bought. The first CD that I ever bought was Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time' followed by N*Sync and Backstreet Boys. 

Listen to the songs that remind you how much you love each other. Do you ever listen to a song that makes you think about your spouse or your relationship and smile? Download those songs and listen to them together. You might even choose to dance to them.

Listen to a random album that the two of you have in common. When Joe and I went through our music libraries, we both had a couple of the same Billy Gillman CD's, I was obsessed with his music in junior high. And then we both had the Cascada CD, the soundtrack of my college days living away from home.

Listen to your wedding song. We didn't have a wedding song... well, we jokingly had one, but I don't remember if it was played at our wedding. However, I know that most people had a wedding song and first dance, so put it on and reminisce on your wedding day together.

Listen to each of your top three favorite songs. Picking a favorite song for me is hard, because it depends on my mood, the genre, and the time frame we're talking about. Do your best to narrow your favorites down to three, or you could pick your top five if that's too difficult.

Listen to the song that you listen to when you need a pick me up. When you're feeling down or have had a bad day, what song do you turn to? Share that with your spouse and tell them why it makes you feel better.

Listen to the song that inspires and motivates you to be better. I have an entire playlist filled with songs that make me want to be the best me that I can be. Those are usually the ones that I listen to when I'm running or having a 'blah' day. A person's motivational song choice can tell you a lot about the.

Listen to the songs that remind you of moments in your relationship. Was there a song that was playing during your first kiss? What about the first time you saw each other? What song was on in the car after you decided to marry each other? Music has a way of taking us back and reminding us of every detail of those moments that we spent together.

Listen to one of your libraries on shuffle for 15 minutes, then switch and listen to the other person's library on shuffle. We love doing this during a long car ride. I used to turn on a playlist and lay on my bed staring at the ceiling while I listen. I feel like everyone is so busy now and rarely takes time to just be. I love doing this and enjoying the lyrics and rhythm of the music.

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This date night could also turn into a smaller, daily or weekly ritual to help you unwind together. It could take the place of one of your nights sitting on the couch to watch TV together. You'll love the simple variety that this activity adds to your routine!

I'd love to hear about your music date night after you've gone on it! Comment below and tell me which of the suggestions from above you tried and if you learned anything new about your spouse.

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A fun idea for date night at home or out and about if you choose. Bring your music library along and share some favorites with each other.