Momiform vs. Date Night Outfit

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My daily routine could contain any number of potential activities. House projects or cleaning, playing with the kids or going on an adventure out of the house, teaching a class or manning a booth at an open house, out to dinner with friends or on a date with my husband. I’m going to be totally honest, I often change outfits two or three times a day because of the different things that I have going on or because I got splashed with mud while the kids were in the backyard. The most common reason that I change my clothes during the day is when I’m going out on a date with my husband. I go from the clothes that I wear to mom to an outfit that says, “date night is special”.

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How I Transition from Momiform to Date Night Attire

Momiform Favorites

My goal when I get dressed every morning is to wear something comfortable that I can move around and play in so I’m not hindered in any of my planned or spontaneous activities for the day. But I also want to look cute and feel good so that I’m motivated to be productive and leave the house if that’s in the schedule. Over the last year, as I’ve embraced my stay-at-home mom life, I’ve found items of clothing that I feel comfortable and still put together in and that I reach for first when I’m getting ready for a day of momming!

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I wear these workout capris from Target from Target every single day. I bought them last year and grabbed a couple more pairs this year. They're flattering and comfortable and I like that I can clean, play with my kids, run errands, or any of my other daily tasks in them. During the colder months, I wear these longer leggings . They're really comfortable and thick and I've been wearing them the last two years, I love them so much.

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I wear mostly graphic tees during the day because they’re comfortable and more forgiving than my nice shirts if the kids touch me with dirty fingers or I spill food or cleaning supplies on them. I love the shirts that I've gotten from the following places.

  • Little Mama Shirt Shop - This is a small, mama run business and the shirts are amazing! All of the shirts are mom life inspired, and they even have a new collection for infertility warriors. I love the fit of the shirts, their one of a kind designs and the quality of the product. I have multiple shirts on my wish list and have been buying them slowly. Click here to check out the shop .
  • Friday Apparel - I've known Daniela, the creator of Friday Apparel, since 2014. Her creativity has always inspired me, and her shirt designs are no exception. She has fun mom shirts, Disney inspired and more! I love every single design she puts together. You can use code AMBERLY for 20% off your order. Click here to visit their site .
  • always has a great selection of graphic tees ! I could buy at least five things from their site every single day. Half of my momiform outfits come from here. Click here to shop their graphic tees .
  • Cents of Style - I love the inspirational tees that they sell! I own a couple with quotes from favorite shows, or just one inspirational word. I order a size or two larger than normal for a looser fitting shirt because their tees are pretty tight fitting. I also really love their sweatshirts!
  • I wear these relaxed fit tees from Old Navy on a regular basis.
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I like to add jewelry to my momiform, but don't want something that dangles or is too fancy. I love my studs from Hey June and wear them every single day. They're perfect for wearing around the house, on an adventure with my kids and even to work.

Date Night Outfits

Date night is one of the regular opportunities I have to up my game when I’m getting ready. In addition to putting on a full face of makeup and putting a little extra effort into my hairstyle, I go above and beyond on my outfit as well. Early on in our marriage, I would regularly go out on a date in my most comfortable clothes, but I quickly realized that by dressing like date night was a special occasion, it became a special occasion. Date night is important to me, and one of the ways that I continue to date my husband is by trying to look my very best for him. You’ll sometimes see me out on a date in my momiform, but most often, I wear the following.

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I love to wear maxi dresses. I find most of mine on or through My Sister’s Closet or Pinkblush .

I recently purchase this shirt in two different colors from Amazon and I love it. It’s comfortable and flattering and I’ll be buying it in another color, and then in a few long sleeve colors as the weather gets colder.

I pair the shirt I mentioned above or one of the shirts I got from Cents of Style with my Momiform capris or leggings and my favorite shoes, which I'll share below.

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This summer I fell in love with these cute sandals from Old Navy. They're really comfortable and I wore these slouch boots almost every single day during the colder months this past year. I'll be purchasing another pair this year because mine was well loved!

My date night outfits always differ from my momiform in accessories as well. In addition to my Hey June studs, I will throw on a necklace from Nichelle Lora Designs or a long necklace with a chunky charm at the end. This one that I got from Amazon is really cheap and simple and one of my favorites.

Sometimes I'll wear something a little flirty underneath my outfit on date night. I love the pieces that I've purchased from Mentionables! You can get 10% off your order with code APM10.

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The biggest thing I do when choosing what to wear each day and for date night is to put on something that I feel confident and comfortable in. If what I’m wearing doesn’t fit me well, is constantly falling off, or doesn’t look good with my body shape, my day isn’t as productive or fun. Rather than spending my time playing with my kids or laughing with my husband, I’m constantly tugging and adjusting and avoiding activities that might make my pants fall down.

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If shirts with words on them aren’t your thing, find something you love that is. Maybe you prefer to wear jeans on a daily basis, that’s perfectly ok! You do you, but make sure you feel like a million bucks in whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s for date night or a day at home! It seems silly, but I’ve found that by wearing something that I feel good in, my mood is better and I feel better and I’m the best version of myself in every role that I fill in my life.

What does your go to outfit include?

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