5 Practical and Meaningful Anniversary Traditions

It's our anniversary month so I thought I'd share some anniversary inspiration with you. We like to make our anniversary a really special occasion. Our usual date night just doesn't cut it when we're excited about heading into another year of loving each other! It’s a big celebration and we usually go all out. If you're looking for something different to do for your next anniversary, pull out one of these ideas. They’re creative and meaningful and will do a lot to set you up for a successful marriage in the years to come.

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Meaningful Anniversary Traditions

Set Goals for the Next Year

This is one of my favorite, practical anniversary traditions. We sat down together on our five year anniversary and talked about the things that we wanted to have achieved by the time we hit ten years. Then we broke those big goals down into smaller, actionable steps for each year of our marriage. I'm planning to pull that list out each year during our anniversary celebration to look at where we're at and what we need to adjust to still accomplish what we set out to do.

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Getaway for the Night

Our favorite anniversary tradition by far is to get away together for a night or two. We go to a romantic bed and breakfast or a fancier hotel (preferably one with room service) and we spend our time enjoying one another's company. We try out someplace new for dinner, take a long bath, sleep in late, eat breakfast in bed, and just relax. It's nice to escape all of our life responsibilities, get a change of scenery and reconnect.

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Include the Kids

A tradition that we’re going to start this year is to celebrate our anniversary as a family. I've seen people share on social media that they take their kids out with them to celebrate their family's "birthday" and I think it's such a fun idea! We still love to celebrate, just the two of us, and make that a priority during our anniversary week, but we can definitely make a little family celebration happen as well. Right now, we’re planning to go out for dinner as a family and participate in an activity that our kids will love!

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Cross Something Off Your Bucket List

I think your anniversary is the perfect time to do something big and fun together, and your bucket list seems like a great place to start. Go on a dream vacation, see something you've always wanted to see, do something adventurous or splurge on a meal.

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Take Anniversary Pictures

Most families take pictures together once a year, usually right before they send out Christmas cards, and you get a few couple pictures in at that time. Around the time of your anniversary each year, plan a photo shoot, just the two of you. You could take pictures where you had your engagements taken, recreate a photo or two each year, or take pictures that reflect your shared hobbies or something you are passionate about as a couple. Be creative and take photos that you’ll treasure forever!

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Be intentional with your next anniversary. Whether you're anniversary just past or is coming up next week, sit down together this weekend and talk together to plan one thing that you could add to your anniversary traditions. Make your anniversary exciting, memorable and meaningful for your marriage.

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Meaningful anniversary traditions for married couples.