Marriage: Watching & Learning

Marriage: Watch & Learn

In LDS General Conference this past April, Elder L. Whitney Clayton gave an amazing talk called Marriage: Walk and Learn. This weekend I revisited that talk in my Ensign from last month and found myself inspired again by everything that he had to share. I will probably even use the things I learned in a few future marriage goals. I have been planning to share this video with you for quite a while but I kept getting distracted or too busy! If you want to read along while you watch/listen, click here.

Since diving into the blogging world, one thing I really love is reading, watching and being inspired by other bloggers who are working hard to make their marriage the best it can be! I get ideas for my marriage goals, and am reminded that I need to be a better wife on a constant basis from different things that my friends write. If you are as inspired by these people as I am, here's a list of some lovely women who love their husbands or significant other and are constant examples of loving wives who are always improving!

In what ways have other people inspired you to be a better wife with the things they say or do?

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