Why You Might Want to Text Your Spouse More Often

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A few months after Joe and I started dating, his dad came in one day and handed him a phone bill. He'd gone way over on his text limit and owed a couple of hundred dollars for the overage. Joe had just recently started saving up for a ring so that he could propose so that little financial blow was a bummer for both of us. I remember turning to him and saying, "I just assumed you had unlimited texting! Why didn't you say something?" He told me that he would just cringe every time I sent him a simple smiley face or an "ok" because he knew that it was eating into his messages.

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Now days I'm pretty sure that I don't even hit close to as many texts each month as he and I were sending back then and not every message that I send is to him. I've been thinking a lot lately about how much we used to text and how every time his name would pop up on my screen while we were apart, I'd get an instant smile on my face. Our daily routines and our job responsibilities are a little different now than they were then, so we don't have as much time to text anyway, but I can't help but try to remember what we talked about all day long while we were dating. 

I made it a goal this year to send Joe more messages that were fun and nonsensical rather than things like, 'Can you pick up milk on your way home?' or 'Guess who is boycotting nap time again'. I like to share snippets of our day with him, funny little things that Bensen says or a cute picture of the fun thing we are up to. I also like to let him know that I miss him and can't wait for him to get home, not just because 'the toddler won't nap and I really need you to come home and spell me off before I go insane!!' but because like back when we were dating, I enjoy his company and look forward to spending time together at the end of each day.

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I was SO excited when The Dating Divas came out with their new Text Message Picture Pack because it gave me fun, flirty and sometimes cheesy little graphics to send to Joe once or twice a week. Something to add variety to the pictures of the kids, silly anecdotes and requests to share dessert with me after the kids are in bed at the end of the night. I sent one to Joe on Saturday while he was at work because I knew that it was a potentially long day for him and I wanted to remind him that he had our date night away from the kids to look forward to.

The Text Message Picture Pack includes: 52 weekly romantic picture messages, 10 bonus picture messages for her and 10 bonus picture messages for him. Each message is bright and fun and seriously so cute! You can download each message directly to your phone and pop it into a message, then send it directly to your lover. It took me less than 30 seconds to send mine to Joe this weekend, but he said it brought a smile to his face and helped him get through the last couple of hours of his day.

For the month of March, The Divas are offering my readers 20% off the Text Message Picture Pack when you use the code TextYourLove. They are also offering a 15% discount off of any product in their store when you use the code LoveTheDivas. In addition to the Text Message Picture Pack, you could get 365 Text Messages and Text Messages 2.0. Texting your spouse throughout the day while you're apart will help you stay connected and keep your love strong.

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As I browsed through the Text Message Picture Pack over the weekend, I had a lot of fun ideas for when to send some of them Joe's way. I know, a little crazy, but I'm a planner, so humor me. There's one picture that says, "I don't know how you do it, but you always make me laugh even when I'm trying to be cranky." I have a feeling that I'll be sending that one a lot because it fits our relationship so perfectly. There's a picture message for every occasion, whether you're feeling flirty, sentimental, thankful, silly or even when your love might be having a rough day.

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Tip! Did you know that you can schedule texts on your phone? If you're like me, you think of something great to text your spouse or have the best intention of sending them a message, but time gets away from you because of work, kids and/or life and that never happens. While you're thinking about it, get your message ready and schedule it to go out when you want it to (while your spouse will be at work, on the day of your big date, etc.) and you're set! Nothing wrong with planning ahead!

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When was the last time you sent your spouse a text, just for fun? Download the Text Message Picture Pack and send one right now!!

When was the last time you sent your spouse a flirty text?