M is for Mollify


[mol-uh-fahy] verb
1.  to soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease
2.  to mitigate or reduce; soften

This was kind of a weird word, one that I'd never heard before, I just stumbled across it while I was browsing the dictionary. (No, I don't browse the dictionary often, just for this series). And even though it's not a word that I would probably use much in my every day life, I love the meaning of it, and it works perfectly for today's alphabet letter!

If you ask Joe, he'll tell you that I can be a little bit crazy sometimes. When I get stressed out (which is almost every day), everything feels like a rational concern to me, and I can always tell when he doesn't feel the same because his eyes get huge and he'll start to laugh and refer to me as "crazy wife" or "grumpy wife". During these moments, and others when I'm upset and emotional over something that is out of my control, Joe is the only one who can calm me down.

I guess you could say it's another one of the ways that we are different that makes us the perfect team. I'm a little bit of a control freak and Joe is good to fly by the seat of his pants. I pay close attention to little details and timelines and Joe keeps me from getting too obsessed with the plans I make that I feel should be set in stone. He keeps me grounded and never hesitates to let me know that I'm acting irrationally and then he helps me change my perspective! I married a great man!

What 'M' word would you use to describe your marriage?