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I am a big fan of The 5 Love Languages! I love the opportunity that they provide couples to be more intentional with the way that they are loving each other. I've been studying and talking about the love languages for longer than I’ve been married. The first day that Joe and I started hanging out, I somehow convinced him to take the quiz and a year later, The 5 Love Languages book was required reading for one of the classes that took for my Family Studies major. The class was Marriage as an Interpersonal Relationship and I loved diving deeper and learning more about the concept of the love languages.

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I’ve talked to a lot of people about The 5 Love Languages over the years and a few things always stand out when I do. One spouse is always frustrated because they aren’t feeling loved by their spouse or don’t feel like their spouse is truly speaking their language. Another thing I hear a lot is that couples who share the same primary love language feel like it should be easier than it is. These are just a couple of the things that I hear when talking to people about the way their love languages work in their marriage. I took the common struggles that I see when couples try to use the love languages in their marriage and created a week long marriage challenge.

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I truly believe that The 5 Love Languages can be an amazing tool in your marriage, if you are using them to the fullest. My hope in creating this e-mail challenge is to help couples take their knowledge of each other’s love languages and use that to make their marriage relationship even better! I wanted this to be a challenge that would be beneficial to those people who have never heard of The 5 Love Languages before, as well as those people who feel like they know a lot about the love languages already. No matter where you are on the spectrum, I promise that you will learn something from taking this challenge!

The Love Languages Challenge is a series of seven e-mails that take you step by step through taking the quiz and applying what you learn about each other’s love languages into your daily interactions. It includes a more in depth approach to learning your love language and a few secrets that I’ve learned about The 5 Love Languages over the years. I’m really excited to have all of this information in one place and easily accessible for you!

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I hope you enjoy the challenge, strengthen your marriage and learn more about yourself and your spouse along the way!

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The love language challenge that will change your marriage!
This love language challenge will help you make your marriage more of a priority.