Just When I Thought I Knew My Husband...

This past weekend I hosted a hot chocolate party at our apartment for a few of our friends and convinced everyone that it would be fun to play the Not-So-Newlywed Game. Within a couple of minutes, we were all laughing hysterically! We've all been married for about two and a half years, and we all met our spouses around the same time as well. I think we thought it would be easy to answer all of the questions that were asked, but it wasn't. Joe and I lost the game, and I realized that we probably need to talk about the trivial details of our lives more often.

One of the husbands said his dream job changed just last week, so his wife got that question wrong and later he was sure that her favorite color was the one she'd painted the living room, but it wasn't. There was another couple who would say something like, "We just talked about this in the car last week." after every question that was asked, and they put us all to shame. For some of the questions, I wasn't sure what I would have even answered for myself, but Joe knows me better than I know myself and I usually agreed with the answer that he put.

I like to ask Joe random questions about life, and we have great conversation, but I realized that there will always be things I don't know about him. I want to be the couple that has recently talked about every single question that gets asked the next time we play that game.