Joe's Birthday Celebration(s)

This year Joe turned 25 and I wanted to make it extra special! So I decided to take the day off and spend some time with him since I usually only work a half day on Wednesdays and it's usually Joe's off.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave Joe the new The Piano Guys CD so that he could have it for the ride to California if he wanted, even though I knew that we'd be listening to audio books instead. On his actual birthday, I gave Joe some money to go towards the gun that he's picked out and plans to buy one day in the future.

I guess Joe's day of birth wasn't too thrilling, but he was still under the weather after catching the sinus cold that I'd had the week before, and he told me that his favorite part of the day was spending it with me, so I guess not thrilling was ok! We started our day out with Joe's favorite, Croissant French Toast for breakfast.

croissant french toast

Since it was a fun holiday, I decided to make Joe celebrate with a little trick-or-treating. I found the idea on my favorite website, The Dating Divas. I'm pretty sure that Joe laughs at me every time I do something cutesy like this, but I know deep down, he really loves it! ;)

After a little bit of TV time and relaxing, we headed out for the day! Joe really wanted to vote early and get that out of the way so the library was our first stop! Tuesday will be a big day in our household and Joe might not go to bed until he sees his birthday wish come true!

voting in the election

I'm not sure why I'm not looking at the camera.

For anyone who doesn't know, Joe's idea of the perfect date consists of a matinee movie and lunch afterward (or before in this case), so for his birthday, I took him on his dream date! We ate some lunch at Joe's favorite place, Cafe Rio, ran a couple of errands and then it was time for our movie date! There isn't a lot out right now and Joe watched quite a few trailers earlier in the morning to decide what we were going to see, but he finally settled on Alex Cross.

The movie was really suspenseful and pretty good, but very much not the type of movie that I enjoy to watch all the time. It wasn't a disappointing movie though so it didn't feel like a waste of time!

The rest of our afternoon was really chill. Joe let me go shopping to spend my birthday money at Maurice's while he explored Sports Authority. We watched some more TV and I did the laundry and tried to get all of my clothes put away. Joe makes fun of me because my clothes get washed and then I never have time to put them away so they end up piled on the desk for a while. I told him that one of his birthday presents was me putting my clothes away.

Joe picked The Pizza Factory for his birthday dinner. He didn't want to go somewhere that he really loved because he was on cold medicine, which kills his appetite, and he wouldn't have been able to really enjoy his food. I satisfied my breadtwist craving that I've had for the past few weeks, so I was happy! I really wanted to go to Orange Leaf afterward and get some frozen yogurt, but they were closed for the night!!! I understand it's Halloween, but it was only 7:30, and this girl wanted her frozen yogurt!!! Oh well, maybe another day.

I asked Joe what his favorite part of his birthday was and he told me just hanging out and being with me was his favorite. This guy even came to cuddle with me on the couch while I was doing homework, and I can't remember the last time that happened, I think it's been since we were dating! I felt like his birthday seemed really lame compared to me spending mine in Disneyland, and especially because he turned 25. Little did he know, I still had surprises up my sleeve!!

My favorite plan for Joe's birthday was the surprise party! I have been planning this for months and managed to keep it completely secret from him, even though I made the cake and the taco soup at home while he was there (I just lied and told him that the cake was for Sunday and the soup was to freeze for the winter). I was so excited about it! I invited Joe's closest friends, mission buddies, and cousins. My parent's were even nice enough to let me use their house for the party and it was a hit! Joe had no idea that anything was going on until we walked into the kitchen and he really enjoyed hanging out with the people who came! Thanks again to those of you who helped us celebrate!!!

All decorated and ready for a party!

peanut butter cup cake

The delicious cake that I made!

And the birthday celebrating just kept going! On Sunday night, we got together at Joe's parent's house for presents and cake with both of our families!

Opening Presents

Joe's 16 year old brother gave him the funniest gift ever! He came up with it all on his own and it was a hit! He has been managing Mow Joe this summer and he collects some of the payments from clients. So he created this card, it says, "Due to the economic down turn, recession, and unemployment at an all time high I could not afford a gift for you. On that note, with Socialism on the rise, I decided to take someone else's money and give it to you as a gift. I hope as a result of upcoming events, I will be able to afford a present for you, from me next year." Inside the card were checks, to Mow Joe, from clients who had given him money to pay their invoices. It was HILARIOUS!!!

Joe's last gift from me!

I'm sure everyone is sick of pictures of our nieces and nephew, but they are my favorite! These two were playing on the Leapster all night last night and they never once fought. They were sharing, taking turns, and helping each other. I LOVED it! They're cute, right?!

The old fart!

How do you celebrate your spouse's birthday?