Joe's Anniversary Gift to Me

I don't know what I love more about my anniversary gift, the actual gift or the fact that Joe managed to do the impossible and completely surprise me with it! If you've been reading this blog from the beginning or if you're one of our close friends, you will know that I am the most IMPOSSIBLE person to surprise! I ruined our proposal, I ruined Joe's birthday present for me last year, I ruin every surprise that he attempts. I feel really bad most of the time, but I'm just someone who doesn't do surprises very well! When I get wind of something, I start trying to figure it all out using any and all clues I get. Joe did really well with his Christmas gifts, but he even better with this surprise. So here's the story!

For a while, Joe's been saying things like, "When should I give you your anniversary present?" or "Today would be the perfect type of day for you to have your gift." and it always drove me insane!!! I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. The only thing I knew was that it would be black and shiny and that it was something that I had said that I wanted. I could never figure it out and it drove me insane!!! I guessed so many different things and any time he brought it up, I'd think and think and think and could never think of anything more than what I'd already thought of. That brings us to today and how Joe pulled this whole thing off.

On Friday, Joe called me and asked what I had going on Wednesday and asked if he could borrow my car while he fixed both of his trucks today so that he would have a car to go and get parts or things and so that he wasn't stranded without a working vehicle. I agreed and he told me that he would wake up in the morning and take me to work and then he'd pick me up at noon. All week long I've been thinking about how that didn't make any sense because if he drove me to work, how would he get his truck and my car over to his parents on his own. So I came up with a plan. I go running at my parent's on Tuesday nights, so I told Joe that he could drive straight to his parent's after work and then we'd both drive home in my car so that he wouldn't have to worry about getting his truck there the next day. My mom suggested that I borrow one of their cars so that he didn't have to drive clear to Salt Lake and back twice for me, so it all fell into place, no problem.

Last night, Joe dropped his truck off at his parent's, he drove my car home, I drove my parent's car home, I went to work and then after work, I was up in Centerville. The plan was that after I got done visiting my friend, I would take my parent's car back and Joe would pick me up after he was done with his trucks so that we could go and get my title for my car all figured out and then we'd pick up his truck and drive home. Easy right?! Apparently not for Joe.

I was really hungry when I dropped off my car so I called Joe and told him to pick me up in my car and we'd get food and then we could go take care of the title and head home. When Joe pulled into the driveway, I was a little upset to see that he was driving his truck, and I let him know, but he just laughed at me and said it was not a big deal. I did notice that he was wearing normal clothes and that confused me a bit because I thought he'd have worn something grungy to work on his trucks in, but I didn't think too much about it. We went to Arby's and then I thought we were going to get on the freeway toward Farmington and go to the DMV. I panicked a little bit when Joe started heading south to Bountiful and he just kept laughing at me and told me that it would be ok.

Joe kept telling me to trust him and that we were just going on a little adventure and that we'd go back after we stopped at our house for two minutes. I think it took me until we got to the exit to ask him if we were going to get my anniversary present and he told me that it would be a great day to have my present. From that point on, I was trying to guess where we might be going, and then I realized he'd done something to my car and I got super excited and said, "Are we picking up my car?! What did you do to it?!" Joe was just laughing the whole entire time and then we pulled in front of Sun Tints and I realized, JOE HAD MY CAR WINDOWS TINTED!!!!!!! I was so excited, and I was so shocked and surprised and so impressed at how well he'd pulled it off. Do you want to see pictures?

Before the window tints

 After the window tints

Ok, and the best part of all of this, well, lots of best parts. But I was still thinking that Joe had worked on his trucks while my car was being tinted, I mean, he told me that he changed some belts and stuff (LIAR!!!) and while we were waiting for them to pull my car out of the garage, he told me that he hadn't worked on his trucks at all and that to go along with my plans that I'd so carefully and thoughtfully made and to make this surprise the best it could be, he had his mom pick him up from Sun Tints after he dropped my car off and then he sat at her house and did nothing for three hours until I was done with my stuff. His original plan had been to pick me up in my newly tinted car, but I kind of ruined that one but it was ok because the car wasn't ready until almost two.

This is something that I said that I wanted once. Joe and I can't remember when or why I wanted it but he thinks that it had something to do with me singing all the time and people staring at me weird so that way they couldn't see me. That sounds about right, so it could be true! Either way, I'm excited that my car won't be hot while I drive, even with the air conditioning on, I won't get sunburned as I drive home from work, and my husband succeeded in surprising me!!!!

Even though I had major anxiety when he got onto the freeway going the wrong direction and I had no clue where we were going or what we were doing, I LOVED it afterward!!! Oh man, I am still so impressed and amazed and I love it!!

BAH!!! I could go on and on and on, like I said, right now I'm more excited that he did the impossible than I am about my window tints, but I really do love the window tints!

Hooray for a cute husband!!!!! 

Are your anniversary gifts romantic or practical every year?