J is for Joking


1.  to speak or act in a playful or merry way
2.  to say something in fun or teasing
3.  to subject to jokes; make fun of; tease

On our drive home from Lava Hot Springs this weekend, I was cleaning out my glove box and I came across one of my old bumper stickers that says, 'laugh every day'. It's one of my favorite sayings because what fun is life without laughter?! That bumper sticker is now magnetized to the back of my car again and maybe it will inspire other commuters to giggle a little and enjoy living.

One of the things that I knew I'd never run out of when I married Joe was laughter. He has his serious moments, but the majority of his time is spent joking around and entertaining other people. I don't think there's been a single day in our marriage (even the ones when Grumpy Wife is around) that I haven't laughed. When I'm grumpy or upset, Joe makes it his goal to get me to giggle. The most annoying thing he does to achieve that goal is count to three. You know, like when a child is in trouble and their mom says, "I'm going to count to three! 1... 2..."? Like that, except he doesn't ever say anything, he just looks at me with this mischievous grin and holds up one finger, then two and he doesn't ever make it to three because, much to my annoyance, no matter how hard I try to stay grumpy and serious, I always end up laughing.

I love being able to joke around with Joe on a daily basis. A lot of our conversations are just ridiculous nonsense and the majority of our "fights" end with us laughing because we start making fun of each other and the argument starts to seem silly. I'm grateful for my goofy husband who always knows how to make me smile, even when I'm stressed out and would rather wallow. He's the best!

Now that I've written this post, I'm thinking that I should have saved it for 'L' and used the word laughter instead, but I don't have another 'J' word, so that's not going to happen.

What 'J' word would you use to describe your marriage?