It's the Little Things He Does

Big romantic gestures are not Joe's forte and I sometimes find myself wishing they were. But lately, I really notice the little things he does. He is more practical than romantic, and that is something that I have started to enjoy and appreciate.

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He doesn't send me flowers, but he gets excited when he buys something that we've needed or been saving to buy. I always get a text saying something like, "I bought you something!" and he is legitimately excited to show me what he got.

I know he'll never cook dinner or prepare a romantic meal, but he takes me to my favorite restaurants, and doesn't mind if I don't feel like cooking some days. We have our romantic meals at fun restaurants and I'm ok with that.

When I ask him to plan a fun date night, he usually just ends up asking me what I want to do when we're in the car on our way out for the night. But every once and a while he asks me on a date to spend some quality time cleaning the apartment, doing the dishes, going for a walk or watching our favorite TV show.

Joe is his own kind of romantic and I'm ok with that!

Photography by Emily-Jane

Does your husband make small romantic gestures?