In Sickness and In Health

To Be Mrs. Collier - Guest Post

Hi friends. I'm Sarah at To Be Mrs. Collier and I am thrilled to guest post here at Life with Amberly and Joe. When it comes to blogging friends, Amberly is seriously top-notch. I feel incredibly blessed to have her as my friend.

Although my blog started off as a wedding planning blog, I'm all about living frugally, recipes, faith, pin-busting and clean, natural living. I blog about my curious life. I blog about things that I do that I think that you might find interesting or uplifting. And I hope you like it, because I really like writing it for you to read.

In Sickness and In Health

For the past week I've been functioning as the solo Collier as Mr. Collier had the crud...bad. It was a major cold that knocked him down and left him couch-bound for several days. Poor guy skipped work and everything. And that is saying a lot because Mr. Collier a) never gets sick and b) never skips work! Just plain miserable! First he was stuffy with a headache and then his nose wouldn't stop running. In between sleeping on the couch because he was coughing all night and him sneezing his head off, it was a long week!

Have you noticed that everyone has a unique "sick" personality. Some people like to be tended to and babied [that's me] while others prefer to be left alone to deal with the sick themselves. When I'm sick, I love to snuggle and can be overly needy. Mr. Collier is the exact opposite.

When your partner is sick for the first time, it can be really scary. You are all alone to make decisions for another person. Lots of pressure!

I would classify myself as a pretty productive person. A juggler really. Somehow, I manage to do work, life, love and church activities throughout the week. I focus on my "TO DO" list each day and cross things off one-by-one with delight.  But last week was hard with Mr. Collier down and out. I was running interference for both us. And it was horrible! 

For the entire week, it was all on me. The house, the chores, working, juggling life and being there to help Mr. Collier when he needed it! Ugh! It was terribly difficult but I meant what I said when we got married that I was in. In sickness AND in health. Fortunately, Mr. Collier has a stellar immune system at this doesn't happen often.

What I learned this week was how important those five little words that I promised in my vows: in sickness and in health. It means that I promised the good times and the bad times. And the fighting to make him take his medication on time and picking up the tissues. I promised to be there for him to bring him soup from Panera in the middle of my workday and make sure he was as comfortable as possible. It means I must be patient when he is snippy because he doesn't feel well and I am to do the dishes and the laundry solo without grumbling.

For five little words, they mean a lot.