Howie Hijacks the Blog

Hey everyone, I'm Howard aka Howie! You may recognize me from the millions of pictures my mom posts on Instagram (seriously, someone should tell that woman to stop it already, enough with the puppy pictures)! Mommy spends so much time on this computer "doing homework", I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I've seen some of my blogger doggy friends take over their mom's blogs for a day so I thought it would be fun to give it a try.

So... what do people blog about? What they do every day, should I blog about my day? Hmm.. well, my days usually include lots of sleeping in the kitchen, and then a walk and playing in the yard when my mom comes home. My perfect day would include lots of time outside, watching people go by, digging holes, running around, lounging in the sun and hanging out with my best friend Lamb Chops. It would also include lots of yummy human food like pumpkin, eggs, turkey, hamburger, watermelon, cheese, tuna. MMmmm... somebody tell my mom to feed me these things pronto!!!

Did you know that I just graduated from puppy training? I loved hanging out with all of the other puppies in class and getting treats for behaving and doing tricks is great, but the training part was not so fun. How many times can you make a puppy sit, come, wait, roll over, leave it, etc. in one hour? All I wanted to do was play with the other puppies, and they so obviously wanted to play too, but noooooooo, we have to be a "good puppy"!!!! Crazy humans......

Speaking of crazy humans, have you seen the way my mom dresses me? I own a bow tie, lots of bandanas, a preppy sweater, a hoodie and a Santa suit complete with booties... TORTURE!!!!! I mean, I know I'm a stud, but I really just want to run around naked, is that too much for a puppy to ask?

download (4).jpg

^^ Really mom, really??

And my daddy needs to learn some manners! He eats in front of me and refuses to share, that's rude! Nothing would make me happier than to share a bowl of ice cream with him at night while we're watching TV. I try to be so nice, I lick his ear, scratch his head, kiss his neck, snuggle with his face, but he just tells me that it's not mine. They should have a human training class for me to take him to so they can teach him how to treat your puppy....

Even more torturous than dressing me in clothes and not sharing food are the baths. I don't even have words for this experience. I will just say that I choose to roll in things for a reason, I like how I smell, leave me be.

^^She was sad that I was grumpy. Don't drench me with water and I won't be grumpy.

I will stop complaining, I'm sorry for my negativity! I really do love my mommy and daddy and I'm glad they brought me home to join their family almost a year ago. We have a lot of fun together!!! Daddy plays fetch and rough houses with me. Mommy loves to snuggle and she's the only one who really appreciates my kisses.

Thanks for hanging out with me today!!! My mommy will be back Monday and hopefully I'm not in too much trouble for hijacking her blog. Bye bloggy buddies, tell my puppy friends hello for me!!

Now please excuse me... I have a belly scratch waiting!