How We Display Keepsakes from Our Wedding

Five years into marriage, I still love to look at pictures and items from our wedding and reminisce on the little details off our special day. When we got married, I knew that I wanted a way to display some of the decor from our wedding in our home. Looking at those keepsakes often and remembering the details of that day seemed like a better idea to me than putting everything in a box with the rest of my treasures and storing them in a closet somewhere. I've had fun finding the perfect place in our house to display each of our items!

The biggest display of wedding mementos is the shadow box frame that hangs in our bedroom. It was one of the first craft projects that I tackled after we got married and one of the first things that we hang up after every move. I used a shadow box the same size and similar to this one {affiliate link} and it was perfect!

Shadowbox with wedding keepsakes

In the top corner of the box is a tiny fortune, the one that Joe made and put in my fortune cookie when he proposed to me. I was keeping it in my wallet, but when I started collecting items to put in this shadow box, I knew that it needed to be part of the group. It's kind of a random little piece of the collage, but I think it's perfect!

wedding memory keeping

In our religious culture, because of the way our wedding ceremonies are conducted, it's tradition to have a wedding luncheon between the ceremony and the reception, rather than having a rehearsal dinner, since there is no rehearsal. And in Joe's family, it is tradition for his aunts to write lyrics about the happy couple and put them to music, usually a popular tune. They perform the song at the wedding luncheon and it's always a highlight of the celebration. We have a video of their performance at our luncheon, but I also managed to snag a copy of the lyrics that they wrote and added them, with a few embellishments, to the collage.

display wedding day memories

What do people do with the utensils that they use to cut and serve their wedding cake? I'm genuinely curious about this, so please share what you did with yours in the comments below! We had a cupcake cake and served other cupcakes at our reception, so the only thing that our knife and server were used for were for Joe and I to follow the tradition of cutting cake and shoving it in each other's faces. (You can see the videos here. We literally had the discussion about whether we were going to be respectful or childish with our cake as we were cutting the cupcake in half.) To be honest, I don't think we even used the spatula part of the set. Rather than storing them in a box or using them in our own home (which just barely occurred to me as an option), I mounted them inside the shadow box as one of my finishing touches.

wedding cake cutters
cutting the wedding cake

In addition to displaying each side of our wedding announcement and the announcement that ran in our local paper, I printed a picture of our entire wedding party and added it to the shadow box. It's a fun reminder of everyone who was there to support us and how little our nieces and nephew were at the time.

wedding party photo

We have quite a few purple and blue napkins, just hanging out in a box with the cards from our wedding and extra announcements. I should probably pull them out and use them at some point, since they're not doing a lot of good in the box. I decided to put a couple of them in the shadow box and added the fun initials, to tie in with our initials that are on the back of our wedding announcement.

wedding display

One of the only pieces of decor that I purchased for the wedding with the plan of displaying it in our house in the future was our cake topper. I had it customized with our last initial and wedding date. In each of our apartments, I've had a hard time figuring out where to put it, but when we moved into our house and I started decorating our front room, I knew exactly where I wanted it to go! Instead of hanging out in our room with the rest of our wedding keepsakes, it's displayed on top of the piano where everyone can see it! I really love it, and it's acrylic so it's not something that the kids can break in the future if they're playing with it.

wedding cake topper
decorative cake topper for wedding

I also still have my dried bouquet, but it's not on display right now and may be retiring to the trash soon, sadly. I didn't preserve it correctly after my wedding, I just kind of let it dry up, and in both of our apartments, it got knocked on the floor multiple times while we were cleaning, or when Joe was throwing toys to Howie. Right now, it's fairly safe in our office and I had plans to put it on my desk, but I may continue to display it on the bookshelf in the office because it's a rarely used room, especially by kids, so it's not at risk for being knocked on the floor as often. It's a little dusty and missing a few pieces, but it's hard to part with. If you have any great suggestions for storing and displaying it, I'd love to hear them!

Are any keepsakes from your wedding on display in your home? If so, what, where and why?