How I Plan to Share Our Love Story with Our Kids

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The story of how Joe and I went from two single people to a married couple is one of my favorite things in the world! There are so many little stories and fun moments that happened along our journey of falling in love. When I wrote our love story for the blog, I had so much fun writing up and sharing the little details that I thought people would enjoy reading about. I'll be honest, I pop over to that page on a regular basis to read that version of the story and reminisce on my early memories of our relationship. I've always been excited to share our love story with our kids as they grow up and start to find love of their own, and I've found the perfect way to do that!

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A great, personalized way to share your love story with your kids.

Last year, The Dating Divas shared a fun post with a cute printable book for couples to put their love story down on paper for their babies and I knew that when we had a child of our own, it was going to be a must have for me! Life was hectic before Bensen got here, so I didn't get a chance to print it out and get started on it until just barely, but now that we've been working on it, I can't wait to get it finished and share it with him as he grows up! It's such a personal, fun way to share our love story with our sweet little boy, and our love for him as well.

Love Story for Baby

This love storybook has a bunch of fun sections to fill out separately and as a couple. Each of us have space to write our first thoughts and what impressed us about each other, how we knew we were in love, our perspective of the proposal story and more! There are multiple pages for pictures, and cute graphics that we can cut out and use to embellish different pages! I've had so much fun looking through each section, thinking about what I want to write and picking pictures to include. We're creating a special gift just for Bensen and I hope it will mean as much to him in the future as it has meant us as we've been putting it together!

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Share your love story with your kids
Letter from Mother to Son

I'm most excited to fill out the Then Came You section with details about Bensen's arrival, the things we hope he'll always remember, the lessons we want to teach him and our hopes for his future! There are so many things that I want to include on the page shown below, I don't know how to fit them all in or where to even start! I'll have to keep it short and sweet, but with over 50 pages, I know that no details will get left out.

Hopes for baby's future

I plan to print one of these for each of our kids and making each one unique to them. Not only will each of them get their own, "our hopes and dreams for you" section, but we'll be sharing our thoughts on meeting each other and falling in love separately with each child and no two books will be the same. I'm most excited to sit down and read through these books together and tell them even more about the little moments that we've written about. My hope is that our kids will love and treasure this book throughout their lives as much as I'll love and treasure putting them together.

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Love Story for Baby

Whether you have kids of your own already, just had your first little one, have a baby on the way or hope to be parents in the future, this personalized gift for each of them is perfect! I believe that it can be treasured by a child at any age, and it's never too late to share your love story if you haven't already.

Do your kids know the story of how their parents fell in love? How did you share it with them?