Holiday Traditions for Married Couples

The holidays are a lot of fun but they can also be crazy and chaotic. Amidst the chaos, it can be easy to let your marriage take the backseat to all of the family parties and activities that you have planned. Don’t let the fun that you have planned for the holidays take the place of the fun that you would usually be having together. Instead, create traditions that give you an opportunity to stay connected and increase the romance in your marriage through the holidays.

holiday traditions for married couples

Six Holiday Traditions for Married Couples

Kiss under the mistletoe

Do you have mistletoe hanging in your home? We have a mistletoe ball that hangs in the living area of our home and this year I bought a spring to hang on the headboard in our bedroom. You can find great artificial mistletoe options online {partner link}. After you find the perfect place to hang your mistletoes, make sure that you use it! Take advantage of every opportunity that you have to kiss underneath it.

mistletoe kisses

Spend quality time next to the tree each night

During the summer months, we like to sit on our deck and watch the sunset or climb out our bedroom window and enjoy the night air after dusk. I love Christmastime because we get to change our location to sitting next to the glow of the tree together. Drink hot chocolate, cuddle while you read your own books or talk about your day together. Turn on some soft Christmas music for an even more romantic mood.

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romantic christmas traditions

Go Christmas shopping together

I’ve started doing most of my shopping online, with the exception of a few gifts and stocking stuffers. This year we’re going to take the kids shopping with us and make a family date of it, but in years past, we’ve turned it into a date night with each other. We grab dinner before we shop and talk about the gifts we need to get while we eat. Then we hit the stores and finish up our shopping and try to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the season. When we get home, we turn on a holiday movie and wrap all of the presents while we drink hot chocolate.

Take a drive to see the lights

The first year we were married, I decided to make this a tradition. We stopped for a cup of hot chocolate and then drove around neighborhoods near where we lived looking at Christmas lights. Now we seek out city lights and neighborhoods that are known for their light displays. If we go for a date, we listen to Christmas music and explore for a few hours together. When we take the kids with us, we stay close and keep our drive shorter because even though they love Christmas lights, they start to get antsy being in the car too long.

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Christmas date night ideas

Dance to Christmas music

While you’re sitting next to the tree together, or after you get home from one of your many holiday events, turn on your Christmas playlist and dance together. There are so many great holiday tunes that are perfect for slow dancing with the one you love and the glow of Christmas lights make for a perfectly romantic atmosphere.

Turn your menial tasks into a date night

Whether you’re getting ready to spend hours wrapping presents, delivering neighbor gifts, making your contribution for tonight’s holiday party, or cleaning up after you’ve hosted a gathering of family and friends, find a way to enjoy that time together and make a date of it. When your nights are packed with family time and it feels like you have no time alone with your spouse, you have to make that time for each other. Baking, walking around the neighborhood gifting to friends and even cleaning up is more fun when you are doing it together!

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romantic holiday traditions

No matter what your schedule looks like this holiday season, nothing is more important than making time for each other. Putting your marriage on the back burner until the holiday season is over will only let you fall into the habit of not making your marriage a priority. But making time for date night and taking the opportunity to connect with each other on a daily basis, you will make your marriage stronger. Don’t let your relationship become stagnant over the holidays, let the magic of the season increase the connection and romance that the two of you have.

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Family traditions are great but don't forget to make time for each other this holiday season!